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CBX Experts: Top-Tier Brand Strategies Are a Must for Startups

--In column for Entrepreneur.com, Nancy Brown and Nat Jungerberg offer tips for bringing agency-level strategies to fledgling food, beverage and consumer product brands.

MINNEAPOLIS, March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Startups need to raise their game in brand-building to stand out amid intense competition, write two experts from CBX, the brand strategy and design agency, in an opinion piece for Entrepreneur.com.

That means maintaining a sharper focus on positioning, visual/verbal identity, packaging design, and quality- and cost-control, write Nancy Brown, Managing Director, and Nat Jungerberg, Client Director, who are both based in CBX's Minneapolis office.

"Developing a true brand strategy is critical to a startup's prospects," they write in the March 18 column. "What is unseen is unsold. Whether your rollout is local, regional or national, it's important to invest in your story—not just financially, but with your passion and creativity, too."

The column ("3 Branding Tips to Bring Your Startup's Story to Life") covers the importance of investing in startup brand strategies; carefully considering the story of the founders and their brand; and the dynamics around partnering with a pro agency.

In recent years, CBX's Minneapolis office has increasingly teamed with startups making everything from artisan bitters, to craft meats, to traditional soap. All too often, however, fledgling companies spend their early years avoiding investments in branding, say Jungerberg and Brown.

"Some even default to hiring a friend or acquaintance to draw a logo as part of an overall effort to keep it lean and mean," they write. "That's all well and good; however, products are easy to imitate. Brands, on the other hand, have a value that surpasses that of the physical objects in a number of ways. This is precisely why you see the likes of Trader Joe's or Costco investing so much time and attention in the creativity and appeal of their store brands."

The authors urge startups to take the time to develop a true brand strategy. "If you're passionate about your product, you'll want to see your vision translated into a visual and verbal language that connects with people across logos, packaging, ads, websites, social media channels and other touchpoints."

Startup founders should look within as part of that process to uncover the story wanting to be told. "What's your idea all about? How does it connect to your values? What are your dreams? By walking into your meeting knowing who you are and what you want to be, you can catalyze your collaboration with branding and design pros."

Brown and Jungerberg liken choosing a brand agency to finding a mentor. And toward that end, they provide several tips on how startups can make sure the agency relationship is a good fit. "Partnering with a branding and design agency is more than a business relationship—it's a learning process," they conclude. "Open and frequent communication can make a big difference in a new brand or product's long-term trajectory. The agency should understand the dynamics in your specific category and be able to help you scale the business while steering clear of costly mistakes."

The full piece is available at https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/347424

About CBX
CBX is an independent agency specializing in brand strategy and design services, including branding, innovation, packaging and retail design. Founded in 2003, the company currently employs nearly 100 creative and support staff at its New York City headquarters and Minneapolis office. Its client list includes Mondelez, Kroger, Keurig Dr Pepper, General Mills, Hain Celestial, and Merck.

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