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CCNI: Initiating coverage as "Outperform" and a price target of $1.00 a share

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CCNI:  Initiating coverage as "Outperform" and a price target of $1.00 a share

By Ian Gilson, PhD, MBA, CFA.

Command Center, Inc.
We do it all so you can keep command of your business.

Command Center (CCNI) is a fast growing company in the on-demand labor industry. Founded by the leading veterans in the industry the company is profitable and has a good balance sheet.

The company has a significant presence in the Williston Basin with services tailored to the unique requirements of the oil industry. The company acquired Disaster Recovery Services in January 2012 that is currently gearing up for problems as hurricane Sandy sweeps up the east coast.

Our rating is Outperform with a price target of $1.00 a share.

The company has a number of  divisions that offer distinctive services to certain industries

Command Labor:

Command Center began with mostly labor-related positions. Today, the company still prides itself in providing clients with hardworking people to get the job done right. As Command has grown, the labor division continues to be the foundation on which the company was built. The company knows these positions are just as important as any other. The workers are paid a competitive wage and are properly skilled for every job they are sent out on.

This division accounts for about 75%  of total revenue.

Command Staffing:

Staffing positions can range from basic clerical to advanced accounting professionals. Command Center can provide professional employees for each project in front of the client.

Command is committed to learning about the client's needs and business before selecting the right candidates and will provide the client with the most qualified personnel based on the type of job and skill level needed. Developing a trusting relationship is always an important first step at Command.

Command Hospitality:

Businesses focused on hospitality have to be devoted to providing excellent service to their guests. They must present the right image of their brand at all times. Restaurants and catering companies need experienced servers who make their customers feel welcome. Hotels and resorts always need housekeeping and banquet staff who are reliable and consistent.

In an industry where many businesses are constantly under-staffed, Command Center provides a reliable selection of candidates for positions within the hospitality industry. Providing the right people to present a specific image can still be difficult. Command is willing to work with training personnel to ensure the staff is fully qualified.

Command Event Services:

Command Center knows that preparation, execution and precise timing are the hallmarks of a smooth-running event and that it requires a staff who can work as a team. Command's Event Services Division is known for reliability and quality. It makes sure that it takes all measures to be prepared and make sure theField Team Members are informed of every detail, before they arrive at the event.

Bakken Staffing:

Williston, North Dakota is the center of the large Bakken oil formation — 640 square miles holding up to 34 billion barrels or more of oil.

Bakken Staffing? was created to address the unique workforce and staffing challenges in the Williston Basin and Bakken Shale play. The significant investment of the energy (and other industries) and the in staffing challenges in this area has led to the lowest unemployment rate in the country, a shortage of local infrastructure and a shortage of workers and employees.

The rapid growth in areas that lack infrastructure requires a different approach from those of the traditional on-demand labor industry.

Disaster Recovery Services:

In January 2012 Command Center acquired DR Services of Louisiana, LLC., which will operated by Disaster Recovery Services, Inc., a newly formed wholly owned subsidiary of Command Center.  

DR Services specializes in providing disaster relief and recovery solutions in the lower 48 states following such disasters as floods and wind damage, fires, oil spills and earthquakes. It employs a rapid response "Branch in a Box" business model whereby it can immediately open a branch office at any remote location in or near the disaster area.

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