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Cedexis #1 China Performance For Dynamic Web Acceleration

CAMPBELL, Calif., March 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- In mid January, CDNetworks detected a drop in our long-standing Cedexis ranking for the Dynamic Web Application (DWA) measurement section in China. It came to our attention through an internal Performance Portal, a tool we developed that pulls data from Cedexis so that we can monitor our performance against some of our competitors over time.



In order to be able to measure performance and availability of content distribution networks (CDNs), private data centers, and cloud services against one another, Cedexis created "Radar". Radar collects more than 6 billion real user measurements each day, which it then analyzes in real time using a JavaScript tag inserted in Cedexis customer pages.

The data pulled by Radar provides comparisons by availability, latency, throughput performance for static object delivery, whole site acceleration, TLS content deliver, IaaS compute, and storage amongst others. To measure Dynamic Object Delivery, Cedexis measures how long the provider takes to serve an un-cacheable, 15KB object pulled from Origin servers located in the North America (Washington, DC), Europe (France) and Asia (Hong Kong).


After a new collaborative benchmark with Cedexis to understand the drop in rank, we confirmed that none of our competitors were able to outperform our dynamic web acceleration offering. Corrections were made on the website, and we received a return to China Performance No.1 (Cedexis DSA) title.

It's not surprising that we find ourselves at the top of the list, considering that we are one of the only companies that can truly accelerate dynamic content, especially with our strengths in China. With our global network of specialized server clusters, CDNetworks' Dynamic Web Acceleration product enables you to eliminate the inherent latencies of the Internet that exist in its infrastructure from it's nascence 30 years ago. This boosts web application performance, improves user experience, and increases revenue.

CDNetworks is continuing to grow its competitiveness for CDN Services with performance management by continuously analyzing and improving regions and countries for its customers to maximize performance.

Want to learn more about our offerings? Contact us for more information about Dynamic Web Acceleration in China!

Briana Lassig


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