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CEIVA Logic Sues Amazon for Patent Infringement


CEIVA Logic Inc., the company that pioneered network-connected smart displays nearly 20 years ago, announced it has filed a lawsuit for patent infringement against Amazon (AMZN) in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. Filed today, CEIVA’s complaint alleges that Amazon infringes CEIVA’s U.S. Patent 6,442,573 entitled "Method and Apparatus for Distributing Picture Mail to a Frame Device Community" and U.S. Patent 9,654,562 entitled “Method and apparatus for distributing content via a communications network." The patents relate to network-connected smart displays and to systems and methods for distributing digital images and other content and software to those displays.

According to the complaint, Amazon makes, uses and sells its own branded products and services that violate CEIVA’s patents. The complaint charges that Amazon’s Echo Show, Fire, and Kindle products infringe CEIVA’s ‘573 patent, and that Amazon’s server systems together with Amazon’s Echo Show and Fire products also infringe CEIVA’s ‘562 patent.

“Protecting and enforcing CEIVA 's intellectual property rights has always been an important component of CEIVA’s innovation and leadership,” said Dean Schiller, president and co-founder of CEIVA.

“CEIVA approached Amazon about its ongoing infringement of CEIVA’s patent rights. Amazon chose not to address CEIVA’s concerns. CEIVA was left with little choice but to pursue its claims in this lawsuit,” said CEIVA’s attorney Gary Hecker, managing partner of the Los Angeles office of Texas-headquartered Munck Wilson Mandala LLP.

CEIVA 's lawsuit asks the Court for damages for patent infringement including treble damages for any willful infringement and for an injunction to prevent Amazon from making, using, or selling products or systems that infringe CEIVA 's patents.

About Munck Wilson Mandala LLP

Munck Wilson Mandala is a technology-focused law firm with offices in Dallas, Austin and Marshall, Texas, and Los Angeles, California. The firm offers full-service counsel in the areas of intellectual property litigation, complex commercial litigation, intellectual property portfolio development, corporate transactions and securities, and employment law. CEIVA is represented in the lawsuit by Hecker, Jamil Alibhai, chair of the firm’s litigation practice, attorneys Frank Weyer and Chad Ray, among other members of the firm’s litigation group.

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