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Celebrate Bill Clinton's 71st birthday with the most unexpected celebrity Clinton impressions

Bill Clinton is famous for a few things (ahem) — but one of them is his dry Southern accent. From his presidency to this day, his Arkansas lilt has inspired countless impressions.

Many comedians and professional impersonators have it down pat. Former “Saturday Night Live” stars Dana Carvey and Darrell Hammond serve up near-perfect impressions — but hey, that’s what they were hired to do. And Frank Caliendo is a professional impersonator, so yeah, it’s no wonder he has a perfect former President Bill Clinton.

But having a Bill Clinton impression is an Everyman quality — ask your best friend, and I bet he or she has one ready to go in case of emergency. And that even extends to celebrities who might surprise you with their spot-on Bill Clinton takes.

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey plays a fictional president on “House of Cards,” but he can also do the real deal. He does it so well, in fact, that his impersonation in this clip was actually reported as a line Bill Clinton uttered — when in fact it was just Spacey’s genius.

Bradley Cooper

While Bradley Cooper was in Thailand filming The Hangover Part II, Bill Clinton just happened to be in the area, so he stopped by the set. Clinton then joined some of the cast and crew for a dinner, and thankfully for us and Cooper, the former president pulled up a seat next to the A-lister. One would imagine a deep conversation between the two — but no, Clinton had a very specific request. Clinton asked Cooper point-blank, “Is there going to be another A-Team [movie], and can I be in it?” Check out 2:45 for Cooper’s Clinton impersonation.


While waiting for a tardy Bill to speak at a Clinton Foundation event, Bono filled in nicely. It’s an impressive impression, especially because Bono is an Irishman. If Bono didn’t already have a career as a rockstar and philanthropist, he could definitely moonlight as a Clinton impersonator.


Matt Damon

Oscar winner Matt Damon’s impersonation when he also appeared at a Clinton Foundation event was quick but worthy of a chuckle.

… Karl Rove?

And it’s not just actors who’ve dabbled in presidential impressions. Even politicians across the aisle, like Karl Rove, have a solid Bill Clinton up their sleeve. It makes you wonder how much he has used that in the Oval Office.

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