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Happy Birthday, Windows 95: We Got You Some GIFs (of Your Classic Screensavers)

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor

With the introduction of the DVD, cellphone text messaging, and Pixar’s first films, 1995 was a banner year for consumer technology. But at the time, the biggest tech debut of the year was Windows 95, the operating system that was for many of us our entrée into the world of computing.

To honor the 20th anniversary of what was probably Microsoft’s most exciting operating system release ever (before this year’s Windows 10 launch, of course), we invite you to relive the mid-’90s with some visual reminders of what computing was like back then.

The screensavers shown below — in GIF form — were introduced with Windows 95 and Windows 98. (And let’s be honest, Win98 and WinME were just slightly spruced-up versions of Microsoft’s game-changing Windows 95 OS, anyhow.) Their ostensible purpose was to prevent pixel burn-in on your old CRT monitor. But we all know they were really just great excuses for spacing out while you stared at your screen.

So feel free to zone off into Productivity Zero Land as part of the Windows 95 birthday celebration!


(deep5blue5sky Knuttunk/YouTube)


(RickTommy / YouTube)



(Matthew McDade / YouTube)

(epzik8 / YouTube)


(WowWowWubbzyFTW PaulCSucks VGCP/YouTube)

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