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Celsion provides update regarding ThermoDox agreement for China market

Celsion Corporation announced that Zheijang HISUN Pharmaceutical Company does not plan to pursue the exclusive option to license ThermoDox for the greater China market. Accordingly, the parties will not enter into the exclusive license agreement, and Celsion will not receive nor will it require any future payment for the option or license, as contemplated in the exclusive option agreement announced on January 22. Celsion and HISUN have agreed that the technology development contract entered into on January 18 will remain in effect while the parties continue to collaborate and are evaluating next steps in relation to ThermoDox, which include the sub-group analysis of the Chinese cohort of patients in the Phase III Heat Study for the hepatocellular carcinoma clinical indication and other activities to further the development of ThermoDox for the greater China market. Celsion also announced that its proprietary patent application, "Method of Storing Nanoparticle Formulations," has recently been allowed in China and granted in South Korea and Australia.Celsion holds an exclusive license agreement with Duke University for its temperature-sensitive liposome technology that covers the ThermoDox formulation. These patents will extend the overall term of the ThermoDox patent portfolio to 2026.