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Cementos Pacasmayo S.A.A. Files its Annual Report on Form 20-F


Cementos Pacasmayo S.A.A. (NYSE:CPAC; BVL:CPACASC1) (“the Company” or “Cementos Pacasmayo”), a Peruvian cement company, announced today that the Company filed its annual report for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2016 on Form 20-F with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC").

The 2016 Annual Report and audited financial statements can be accessed by visiting either the SEC's website at www.sec.gov or the Company’s website at www.cementospacasmayo.com.pe/investors.

If you would like a hard copy, please contact MBS Value Partners at +1 (646) 452-2334, or via email at: barbara.cano@mbsvalue.com with your name and mailing address, so that one may be sent to your attention.

About Cementos Pacasmayo S.A.A.

Cementos Pacasmayo S.A.A. is a Peruvian cement company located in the Northern region of Peru. In February 2012, the Company’s shares were listed on The New York Stock Exchange - Euronext under the ticker symbol "CPAC". With more than 58 years of operating history, the Company produces, distributes and sells cement and cement-related materials, such as concrete blocks and ready-mix concrete. Cementos Pacasmayo’s products are primarily used in construction, which has been one of the fastest-growing segments of the Peruvian economy in recent years. The Company also produces and sells quicklime for use in mining operations.

For more information please visit www.cementospacasmayo.com.pe/investors/

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