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Certain Rooms Make Bigger Impression on Homeowners

Tamara E. Holmes
Certain Rooms Make Bigger Impression on Homeowners

Finding the perfect price and community aren’t the only considerations homebuyers make when searching for the ideal home. There are certain rooms that make a bigger impression on consumers than others, a new survey shows.

Ally Home, the mortgage division of financial services company Ally Financial, surveyed 2,032 adults about whether they were partial to certain areas in their homes, and if so, why. They found that most respondents — 88% — said they had a favorite room.

The master bedroom was the most well-liked room, and its popularity transcended generations. Among millennials, those between 18-34, 70% named the master bedroom their favorite room. An even higher percentage of baby boomers (those between 55-64) cited the master bedroom with 84% making that designation. A whopping 77% of Gen Xers (those between 35-54) agreed that the master bedroom was their favorite place.

The biggest draw of the master bedroom was that it provided a place where people could spend time alone. In fact, 74% of those who rated the master bedroom their favorite room said they chose it because it’s where they can unwind and de-stress by themselves followed by 35% who said it was where they could put their favorite things and 32% who said it’s the place they can enjoy their hobbies and passions.

Respondents were also pretty smitten with their family rooms, which scored the highest with 35% of baby boomers, 32% of Gen Xers and 26% of millennials. Among those who chose the family room, 53% said they value it because it’s where they go to be entertained, 53% said they like the fact that it’s where their family gathers for quality time and 50% said it’s where they go when they want to de-stress alone.

Alone time actually turned out to be a priority among many survey respondents. In fact, 13% said their favorite room was the place they go to get away from the other members of their household. Women in particular seemed to crave a space where they could hide from their children and partner, as the survey found that 16% of women between the ages of 18-54 favor such a room and 5% of women 55 and over felt that way.

The survey also asked whether respondents wanted to make improvements or additions to their homes. Most — 86% — said they would want to make some improvements if they could, but their favorite rooms weren’t necessarily at the top of their upgrade list. Among respondents, 27% said they would make improvements to the kitchen, 27% said the master bath and 25% said an outdoor room, such as a screened porch. Another 16% said they would choose the room they spent much of their alone time in as the space that would benefit from improvements.

Making home improvements can not only make your house more enjoyable, but some renovations can add to the value of your home. Another reason renovations may be beneficial is because some may even save you money on home insurance. If you don’t have cash on hand to finance improvements, a home renovation loan may provide the capital you need.