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CES 2016 Roundup: Your Smart Home Just Got Smarter

Daniel Howley
Technology Editor

Smart home tech got even smarter at CES 2016. Samsung showed us its new connected refrigerator. The ice box’s coolest feature is its enormous touch panel, which lets you do everything from checking your daily schedule and the weather to playing music. You can even doodle on this thing, all while looking for your midnight snack.

LG also gave us a look at its Smart ThinQ smart home hub. The cylindrical gadget serves as the center of your connected home and provides you with updates on your various smart appliances; it can even tell you the weather, provide you with schedule reminders, and play music.

We also spent some time with EyeLock, a device that lets you open locks, such as a safe, with your iris. Check out the video above for more.

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