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CES 2017 Wrap-up: Day 3

Daniel Howley

CES 2017 keeps rolling on with more auto tech updates, Amazon (AMZN) Alexa everywhere, a Comcast (CMCSA) product that might change your opinion of the cable giant and a new T-Mobile Un-carrier move that does away with hidden taxes and fees.

Ford gets Alexa integration

First up is Ford’s (F) new in-car integration with Amazon’s Alexa. The Detroit automaker announced at the show that it will begin sending updates to Sync 3-equipped vehicles that will allow owners to start, unlock and turn on the climate controls for their cars using their Amazon Echo, Echo Dots or Tap speakers.

Ford says it will also add Alexa compatibility inside its vehicles this spring. So you’ll be able to ask Alexa the forecast, add items to your shopping list and even turn on your smart home devices from your car.

Hyundai exoskeletons

Hyundai showed off three exoskeleton models designed for both medical and industrial use at its enormous booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Hyundai Waist Exoskeleton is designed for warehouse workers, while the Hyundai Medical Exoskeleton is meant for people with lower spinal cord injuries. The Hyundai Universal Mobility Assist, meanwhile, helps individuals with muscular issues.

Honda self-balancing motorcycle

Honda (HMC) is making it easier to balance on your motorcycle at low speeds with its Riding Assist Motorcycle. The bike uses built-in robotics to adjust its front tire in order to keep the Assist upright at all times without riders needing to put their feet on the ground.

Honda says the Riding Assist is meant for riders who want to go out on exhilarating rides, but don’t want to have to worry about toppling over when they get back to regular slow speeds.

Peloton and Fitbit

If you use a Peloton stationary bike to stay in shape and use a Fitbit (FIT), you’ll probably be happy to know that your Fitbit can pull in information from your Peloton ride and add it to your Fitbit dashboard so you’ll always have your most up-to-date and accurate fitness data available.

Comcast makes home Wi-Fi easier

Comcast has showed off a new, simpler system for installing your in-home router and modem via a user-friendly smartphone app. The system also gives you the ability to control when people in your household can use the web, control individual device access to the internet and quickly connect new devices to your network.

The system can even update your Wi-Fi password on all of your existing connected devices whenever you reset your router’s password. So you no longer have to reenter your new password on every device on your network.

T-Mobile goes all in

T-Mobile (TMUS) announced its new T-Mobile One All In plan, which eliminates all of its other plans in favor of the carrier’s One unlimited option. All In also eliminates all of the hidden fees and taxes you’d normally pay on your monthly bill, so when it says you’ll pay $70 per month, you’ll really pay $70 per month. The carrier will also give you a $10 credit for every line you have if you keep your data usage below 2GB a month.

The new plan launches Jan. 22, 2017.

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