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CESC Expands Silver Spring Networks IoT Platform to Kota and Bharatpur, India


Silver Spring Networks, Inc. (SSNI) today announced the expansion of its program with CESC Limited for two franchisees in Kota and Bharatpur, India. CESC will leverage Silver Spring’s standards-based IPv6 platform to provide two-way connectivity to approximately 187,000 homes and businesses in the Kota franchise service area, which is spread across 150 square kms, and approximately 50,000 homes and businesses across 50 square kms in Bharatpur. Silver Spring will deploy Operations Optimizer™ for CESC Kota and Bharatpur through a Software-as-a-Service model. Operations Optimizer is a powerful analytics engine and user interface that enables utilities to help improve operational efficiency and develop business processes and workflows that can reduce energy loss and improve billing accuracy.

“With the Kota and Bharatpur franchisees, we believe we can significantly improve customer experience by turning to innovation from companies like Silver Spring Networks to create a digital grid that offers a more reliable and safe service for our customers,” said Sanjiv Goenka, Chairman, CESC. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Silver Spring as we aim to meet the country’s increasing energy needs and help transform our Infrastructure in line with 21st century expectations in supplying reliable power 24 by 7.”

“We are honored to expand our work with CESC, a true industry leader, as they reinforce the new standard of electric service and grid modernization in India, and as we enable benefits such as grid reliability and better customer experience to Kota and Bharatpur,” said Mike Bell, President and CEO, Silver Spring Networks. “Using open standards technology will pave the way for IoT to be successful in India and around the world. We believe that energy providers who standardize on Silver Spring technology can unlock greater choice, value, and innovation for their customers.”

The new Kota and Bharatpur deployments are in addition to Silver Spring and CESC’s award-winning IoT program in Kolkata, India for Advanced Metering and Distribution Automation, recognized as the ‘Smart Grid Project of the Year’ at the 2016 Asian Power Awards. CESC, which signed a 20-year distribution franchisee agreement for power distribution for Kota and Bharatpur in 2016, is India’s leading fully integrated electrical company with more than 3 million customer connections and serving approximately 17 million people in the state of West Bengal.

For more information, please visit www.ssni.com/solutions/smart-utilities/.

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