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Chainers NFT Collection is Almost Here - Secure Your Whitelist Spot Now

·5 min read

Chainers has introduced their non-fungible token (NFT) whitelist, one of the most ambitious non-fungible tokens (NFT) and metaverse projects

New York, NY --News Direct-- CHAINERS

The crypto space has seen an interplay of NFTs and the Metaverse following the pivot of social media giant Facebook into the blockchain ecosystem. Since then, both sub-sectors have worked hand-in-hand with growing interactions in the entertainment, gaming, arts, and music industries.

Multiple metaverse projects have stolen the spotlight, and now, Chainers is making a statement with the launch of its long-awaited NFT collection.

Called Chainers NFT, this new body of digital collectibles comes with a plethora of benefits including access to the upcoming Chainers Metaverse or app and also participating in tons of in-game activities. Chainers will let you design your NFTs while also allowing you to build your own Web3 house or empire.

Chainers NFTs collection will represent each user’s in-game character as well as their digital appearance. The Chainers NFT collection will be minted to each user primarily through whitelists and the public sale stages.

Benefits of Owning Chainers NFT

The primary benefit of owning the Chainers NFT is access to the forthcoming Chainers Metaverse app. The Chainers app will be launched in a step-by-step format and holders of the NFT collection will be eligible to get the project’s in-game tokens and direct access to the game.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Right to vote and direct the project development. In essence, you get to be a part of the in-game government.

  • Access to awesome community events, raffles, and giveaways

  • Earn tokens from competing with other players

  • Chance to increase the value of your NFT grow as the Chainverse ecosystem continues to grow

  • Customise your Chainers collection and the world around them

  • Access to the Chainverse which allows you to own a space and rent it

  • Setting up personal live events where you can have fun with your Web3 friends

  • Creating and selling mini-games and decorations. This lets you earn as a creator.

How to Get a Whitelist Spot?

The first step in minting your own exclusive Chainers NFT collection is by securing a whitelist spot.

A whitelist spot guarantees that you will be able to mint a Chainers NFT before the limited edition collectibles become scarce. Also, you will be among a class of first minters, which comes with the added bonus of getting your own Chainers NFT for half the price.

How Do You Get a WL Spot?

It’s quite easy to secure a whitelist spot. Here’s all you have to do:

Joining Chainers’ Discord is even more exciting as you don’t need an invite and you also stand a chance to win a Chainers NFT when you join. With Chainers, you can easily live your best Web3 life as you get to decide what happens in your universe.

What Is Chainers.io?

Chainers is a crypto metaverse that is radically changing every concept we know about the metaverse. Instead of a group of developers creating an immersive experience where users are only participants, Chainers allows players to build a world of NFTs.

It is fast becoming the home of Web3 creators as it allows players to have fun with Web3 friends while also granting the ability to create/build and earn.

Chainers.io is a community-oriented development that tracks the journey of a group of alien creatures. The backdrop details the lives of these interstellar creatures who lived in a perfect world but were full of boredom. To escape this endless circle of perfection, the Chainers built a rocket ship with which they escaped into our galaxy.

Their mission is simple: to create, socialise, play, and have fun. The Chainers’ project thrives on this principle comprising SOCIALISE - PLAY - CREATE!

All player assets in the game are presented as NFTs, giving them intrinsic value. This way, each NFT collectible is tied to a particular user and recorded immutably on the blockchain. The project’s competition-based in-game economy means players get to earn in-game currencies by completing multiple tasks on the Chainers platform.

About the Game

The Chainers is a multiplayer-oriented game, which means it thrives on community. This means there are community-owned in-game spaces as well as private ones. This also points to a collaborative platform that allows users to air their views as well as decide the future of the whole universe.

The Chainers game will be played in the following format:

How to Play

The Chainer will kickstart the game from his degen flat with his phone and bed, with no obvious furniture. To increase your wealth and have fun, you will need to farm the in-game currency in order to craft furniture to create your ideal Web3 house. Chainers will be able to farm in-game currency through a variety of ways, including games, staking, and social interactions.

The in-game currency will be useful in creating items, templates, and making purchases. Also, a few of the items can be used to unlock new gameplay. Earned currency will be used for gameplay and customisation.

Other likely gameplay will see Chainers use some of the items to change the visual appearance of chainers, fiat, and player generated NFT game content.

In addition to the aforementioned:

  • All items will be created by players enabling a truly diverse collection

  • The community can create templates for customisable items - from outfit to building

  • Templates can be designed by and voted for by the community, and implemented by devs into the games

  • Creators receive royalties thereby earning passive income on their works

  • Created items on Chainers are used for specific needs and places (their flat, their hub space)

  • Players can trade their assets on the secondary market.

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