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Change to the Board of Directors of Telenor ASA

René Richard Obermann will step down as Board Director of Telenor ASA on 1 August 2019.

René Richard Obermann has chosen to step down on 1 August 2019 due to other business obligations. Obermann has been a member of the Board of Directors of Telenor ASA since January 2018.

When Obermann steps down, the Telenor ASA Board will consist of:

  • Gunn Wærsted (Chair)
  • Jørgen Kildahl
  • Jacob Aqraou
  • Sally Davis
  • Jon Erik Reinhardsen
  • Grethe Viksaas
  • Jan Otto Eriksen (employee representative)
  • Espen Smistad (employee representative)
  • Anita Helen Steine (employee representative)

Bjørn Erik Næss
Chairperson of the Corporate Assembly and of the Nomination Committee at Telenor ASA
Mobile: +47 41 50 52 01

Cathrine Stang Lund
Director Communications
Telenor ASA
Email: cathrine-stang.lund@telenor.com
Mobile: +65 97 23 17 53