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ChangeTip Micropayments Now Available on Google Plus, YouTube, Tumblr

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 13, 2014) -  Changecoin, a micropayment infrastructure for the Internet, today announced that its Bitcoin-fueled tipping product, ChangeTip (https://www.changetip.com), is now available for YouTube, Google Plus and Tumblr, making it the only solution working across all relevant social media platforms. ChangeTip allows anyone to instantly reward or "tip" any great video, cause or content on the Web. Launched in February 2014 on Twitter, StockTwits, Reddit and GitHub, the ease of use of this low-friction, micro-transaction platform is the perfect segue for the general population to use the world's most popular cryptocurrency.


"We believe people are basically good and we let them show their appreciation directly in everyday social media interactions," said Nick Sullivan, ChangeCoin's founder and CEO. "That's why we call ChangeTip a 'love button' for the Internet."

ChangeTip allows for Bitcoin tips to be sent without a fee, allowing for micro-payments of less than a penny. This effectively changes the concept of a "share" or "like" into financial appreciation, which can quickly add up to substantial amounts of money. (Transaction fees for fiat currencies may vary.)

ChangeTip is driving the mass consumer adoption of Bitcoin by enabling these transactions in the simplest way possible. When users see something they love and want to show their appreciation, it's as easy as leaving a comment, and content creators can be rewarded directly as opposed to receiving fractions of cents via ad revenue.

About ChangeCoin Inc.

San Francisco-based Bitcoin startup ChangeCoin created ChangeTip as a low-friction micropayment infrastructure for the Web. It allows anyone to send Bitcoin (or fiat currency for a nominal transfer fee) via Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Tumblr, StockTwit, Reddit or GitHub without supplying contact addresses, account numbers or other personal information. For more information, please go to www.changetip.com.

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