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Chargers player says Patriots security kept him from bringing kid on field

The Los Angeles Chargers’ Chris McCain has a great tradition prior to his games: each Sunday, he’ll find a kid in the stands, bring them down to the field, and walk them around. Great idea, right? Creating the memory of a lifetime, right? Forging bonds between players and fans at a time when that’s a really good idea, right?

Not if you’re in Foxborough.

According to McCain, a security guard stopped McCain prior to the Chargers’ game against the Patriots, preventing him from bringing a young boy onto the field. Why? Because the kid didn’t have a pass. And when McCain got the kid a pass, the guard still wouldn’t budge, as McCain noted in an Instagram video:

The kid apparently did finally get onto the field with McCain, and McCain delivered after the game as well, finding the kid after the game and giving him the jersey McCain wore in the Chargers’ loss.

Yes, yes, there are valid legalistic and liability-related reasons why kids might not be allowed on a field without a pass. But there are much more compelling reasons why it’d be a good idea for security guards to use a bit of common sense, starting with this kid’s smile.

Chris McCain with a young fan. (Via humble_beginnings16 on Instagram)

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