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Charlie Lee Tempts Fate, Offloads Physical Litecoin Collectibles in Auction

Gerelyn Terzo
Charlie Lee is selling more Litecoins, but it's not what you think. This time, he's offering physical collectible coins in an auction. | Source: Slush 2018/YouTube

By CCN: Charlie Lee is selling more Litecoin, but not of the digital variety. After liquidating his LTC portfolio at year-end 2017, the Litecoin creator is now auctioning off what he describes as “unique collectibles”. These are more than a dozen physical coins with labels that are signed by Charlie Lee himself. Lee stated on the Bitcoin Forum:

“I got some of my Lealana 25LTC & 10LTC coins graded by ICG. The labels of these coins are signed by me. There are a total of 5x 25LTC coins and 8x 10LTC coins. I have no plans to do any more of these. The 10LTC are the first issue ones with the bump in the back behind the hologram.”

A self-proclaimed “BTC enthusiast” purchased one of Lee’s Lealana Litecoin collectibles at last weekend’s Magical Crypto Conference in New York. He tweeted:

“It’s loaded with 10 LTC. There is a private key concealed with a tamper-proof hologram on the obverse of the coin.”

Litecoin’s Finite Supply

Lee had the coins assessed by Independent Coin Graders, which assigns an objective rating to the coin based on features such as condition and uniqueness. Similar to the cryptocurrency, Charlie Lee has only signed a finite amount, which in and of itself bolsters the value. Litecoin the cryptocurrency has a finite supply of 84 million coins vs. bitcoin’s 21 million.

Bidding for the Litecoin collectibles starts at 0.1 LTC and he is also accepting payments in BTC. The auction ends on May 15.

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