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Charlie Sheen says original cast on board for new 'Major League' film

Charlie Sheen is ready to make “Major League 3.” (AP Photo)

Cleveland Indians reliever Rick Vaughn’s story isn’t over just yet. Charlie Sheen, who brought Vaughn to life in the “Major League” films is ready to bring the character back. If that happens, he’ll have some familiar faces joining him.

Sheen told TMZ that the entire original cast is on board and willing to return for “Major League 3.” The only thing standing in the way of that happening is money. Once they are able to get the project funded, Sheen seems to believe “Major League 3” will become a reality.

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It’s tough to know how seriously to take the news. Talk of a third “Major League” movie has been floating around for years now. David S. Ward, who wrote and directed the original movie, told The Stew back in 2014 that a script for a sequel was written and waiting on funding. At the time, he said many of the original cast members were willing to return.

Sheen is basically echoing those points here. And while he hasn’t always been the most reliable narrator, there at least appears to be some truth behind his statements.

Still, we’re not sure how to take the news. The original “Major League” is one of the classic baseball movies. “Major League 2” is just fine. “Major League: Back to the Minors” is so bad that Ward won’t even acknowledge its existence. That’s why he refers to the new movie as “Major League 3” even though it would technically be the fourth film in the franchise.

Bringing back the original cast members opens up the possibility of some iconic characters being ruined. Reboots are pretty hit-or-miss these days. “The Force Awakens” may have been a massive success, but most reboots go the way of  “Fantastic Four,” or “Robocop” or “Ghostbusters” or insert pretty much any other example here. It’s a risky choice.

We also don’t want to get our hopes up. Anyone who has followed along with the news knows “Major League 3” has been in the works for years now. Based on Sheen’s comments, the situation hasn’t changed much since 2014. If Sheen and the gang are going to get together for one last film, that’s great, but as of right now, news like this just comes off as a massive tease.

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