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This Chart Of The Great Railroad Boom Will Quell Your Nerves

Stefan Cheplick

Railroad stocks have been one of the best places to invest.

The Dow Jones US Railroad Index is up 422% since 2009. And the rail economy continues to boom well into 2014.

This month, the stock market has become increasingly volatile. Several heartbreaking geopolitical risks have emerged. Two, in particular, have grasped the attention of readers everywhere. They are Flight MH17 and the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

But it is essential to remember that conflicts overseas are distinctively different from the stock market here. Despite the tragic headlines, the railroad stocks of North America still chug at full speed. Transporting cars, commodities, and goods across the continent. Since July 1, Canadian Pacific is up 7.5%, Kansas City Southern is up 7.3%, Norfolk Southern is up 4%, and the Canadian National Railway is up 4.5%.

On StockTwits, @LyonsFundMgmt shared a fantastic chart showing what railroad stocks have done since 2009. It is a great visualization to see. It partly depicts the entire economic recovery. But it is also a strong reminder of our economic resiliency:



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