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Chase Gives $2 Million in Grants to Small Businesses

20 Business Owners will Vie for Twenty, $100,000 Grants Courtesy of Chase Bank's 'Mission Main Street Grants' Program

LOUISVILLE, KY / ACCESSWIRE / May 6, 2015 / Entrepreneurship in America is getting a financial shot of adrenaline this year, thanks to Chase Bank (JPM). For the next 30 days, small businesses with less than 100 employees and 2 or more years of experience can apply for $2 million dollars in grant money.

While many large banks focus on their Fortune 1000 clients, Chase is also putting their considerable marketing and PR muscle behind small businesses and the value they bring to our economy. In fact, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses make up 99.7% of employer firms.*

Who Applies for Business Grants?

So what can a Mission Main Street Grant do for small businesses? We asked Doug Crowe, an applicant for this year's program

Doug Crowe is the founder of AuthorityFusion, a PR and marketing firm in Chicago that specializes in "story selling." Crowe had this to say, "All businesses have a story. The stories we share and the people who re-tell your story defines your brand. Many of our clients sell a product or service that is, quite often, a commodity. Our mission is to help them rise above the clutter and align their brand with the hearts and souls of their audience."

Crowe is no stranger to the Media. As a best-selling author and former broadcaster with ABC radio in Chicago, his passion for using a story to sell an idea is second nature. So, why is his firm applying for a grant?

"Like many entrepreneurs, we dislike debt. Fueling our growth through revenue makes fiscal sense. A grant from the Mission Main Street Grants(R) program would accelerate our growth and allow us to hire more people," Crowe responded.

While his firm works with entrepreneurs, small and mid-cap companies, their emphasis is on linking socially responsible businesses and capitalism. "There's a perception that capitalists are anti-environment, or they focus on the bottom line at the expense of society. In fact, the exact opposite is the rule rather than the exception. Most businesses are already socially responsible; they simply need to tell their story in an emotional manner to attract more media and more businesses."

If Crowe is awarded the grant, he has pledged to hire 15 new people in the next 24 months. "15 new jobs in the heart of Chicago may not be noticeable from a macroeconomic standpoint, but the companies we serve affect millions," Crowe stated.

If the other 19 recipients philosophy is similar to Crowe's, $2 million dollars of grant money from Chase may be enough leverage to not simply make a ripple, but a splash in the economy.

If you are ready to take your small business to new heights, apply for a grant through June 5th at MissionMainStreetGrants.com.

*U.S. Small Business Profile, 2014 - SBA, Office of Advocacy

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