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Chauffeur Services in DC, Connect, Discusses 4 Benefits of Hiring Professional Transportation Services for Winter Galas

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Winter galas are a great time to get dressed up, enjoy an evening of entertainment, and raise money for great causes. One way to make the most of the galas you attend this winter is to hire professional transportation services the night of.

Chauffeur services in DC, Connect, discusses 4 benefits of hiring a professional transportation service for winter galas.

  1. You can start the festivities before you even get there. Hiring a party bus or chauffeur service allows you to legally and safely enjoy a drink en route to the gala with your other passengers. Create a playlist that sets the mood for the night and sit back and enjoy -- before you know it you will be there.
  2. There is no need for a designated driver. Galas often offer great drinks. Rather than having one member of your group not partake in order to be the designated driver, you can all enjoy responsibly. You will be able to enjoy your night while knowing everyone has a safe ride home at the end of the night.
  3. You can avoid the uncertainties and surcharges of rideshare apps. Relying on rideshare services for a way home at the end of the night is always a gamble. If there are none available in your area, you will be stuck waiting for a long time. And if it is a high-demand time, like a weekend night, you can get stuck paying astronomical surcharges. But with a professional driving service, you are not in for any surprises.
  4. You know you'll get there on time. If you drive or have a rideshare service take you to your gala, you might be getting a driver who is not familiar with the exact area you are going to. You may end up getting lost or getting stuck in traffic that an experienced professional driver would know how to avoid.

With transportation in the hands of the professionals, you and your fellow guests can focus on enjoying the evening and make the most of any winter galas you attend this year.

About Connect: For over 30 years, Connect Washington DC Transportation has been providing clients with a unique, memorable, and reliable transportation experience. Offering the highest quality luxury vehicles, in addition to less formal options for everyday transportation, our professionals are ready to work with you to plan around your local or national travel events. Due to our first class-class service standards, we promise an unparalleled level of service that respects both your safety and your time.


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