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Cheaper Car Insurance Now Only A Few Clicks Away

Car Insurance Select launches new auto insurance comparison website

Los Angeles, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 14, 2014 / Cheaper car insurance is proclaimed by almost every insurance provider online, but when it comes to securing rates the process is rarely convenient. It’s for this reason that online retail expert Mark Sinclair created CarInsuranceSelect.net. The website’s sole purpose is to provide car insurance rates of multiple providers with just the use of a zip code- No personal information whatsoever is required and the software provides quality quotes in just seconds.

"A few months ago I went to look for car insurance and the only thing I ended up with was a massive headache," says Mark Sinclair, the creator of Car Insurance Select. "I created this website so that people just like me could go online and within seconds get actual side by side quotes from real, reputable providers. No annoying phone calls, no 15 minutes, just real tangible information without the headache."

Mark’s website is a novel creation as most auto insurance comparison websites require personal information such as an address or even a credit card. Mark’s site was created with the sole purpose of bypassing these invasive questions, saving time and allowing visitors to use the site anonymously.

"People online today want convenience," continues Mark. "If it’s not convenient then they won’t use it. My entire website is based on this concept. It literally takes one click to get quotes, no personal information is required, and the quotes my site provides are from a highly vetted source of reputable providers- I don’t know what’s more convenient than that!"

The website has seen over 6 thousand views in its first day online and that number is expected to increase with the official news of its release. To learn more about Car Insurance Select, or to get immediate side by side quotes of reputable providers, please visit: http://www.carinsuranceselect.net

About Car Insurance Select:

Car Insurance Select was created by online retail expert Mark Sinclair. Mark’s purpose for creating the website was to give visitors the opportunity to quickly compare side-by-side auto insurance rates by only entering their zip code. The website is based on convenience and so far the feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive.


Mark Sinclair


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SOURCE: Car Insurance Select