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Check Out 'Market Wrap' Video For Dynamic Update

Some folks prefer to learn by sticking their noses in a book or newspaper and taking notes.

Other people want audio and visuals. They like to listen to an instructor, watching as dynamic charts flash before them to help explain concepts.

It's the latter group that could benefit from an IBD feature known as "IBD Market Wrap." This brief video appears after the market's close every day on Investors.com. (Click on "IBD TV" on the home page.) As its name suggests, the video gives a wrap-up of the day's action. For example, the "Market Wrap" after the Nov. 2 session went over that day's main economic news — the monthly jobs report. It also explained how the indexes staged a negative reversal, meaning they climbed out of the gate, but closed in the red.

The video showed color charts of the indexes, along with arrows pointing to important levels.

It's a bit like having a tutor walk you through what happened. Veteran market analysts in IBD's communications department produce the commentary.

That same video also talked about some key stocks that made big moves that day, such as Priceline.com (PCLN) and Starbucks (SBUX). As happens with other "Market Wrap" segments, the analysis included not just that day's action, but also the long-term trends for these stocks.

In addition, the video went into some chart analysis for Stratasys (SSYS), another big mover for that session. It pointed out the stock's recent cup-with-handle pattern, as well as its discouraging action since forming that structure.

Even if you are perfectly happy with the articles and charts that you see in IBD's print and electronic editions, you still might want to check out the "Market Wrap" feature.

For one thing, it regularly goes over definitions for key IBD concepts like a follow-through day or a distribution day. If you want to make sure that you have these concepts down pat, then the "Market Wrap" could help you with that and fill in some gaps.

You also could view the video as a complement to the Big Picture column and IBD's other articles. You might get an additional detail about a top-performing stock, or additional nuances into the general market's action.

Don't forget that you can use the video as a way to get ideas for your stock watch list, too. As demanded by IBD's investing strategy, the commentators for the videos often focus on stocks that are leading the market — not losers. The stocks are the ones that pop in IBD's top-performing screens, like the IBD 50 and Big Cap 20.

While IBD is producing videos, it hasn't turned its back on an older medium, the radio.

Every Saturday, the half-hour "IBD Radio Show" airs from 4 p.m. PT via the Internet, as well as on AM 870 in Southern California. It provides a market update and outlook, CAN SLIM lessons and even a Q&A segment.

Each episode has notes that link to videos, articles, chart markups and other resources to reinforce points made on the show. Plus, the show's friendly, conversational tone helps a beginning investor get quickly up to speed with IBD's system.

As is the case with "Market Wrap" videos, archived recordings of the radio show are available on IBD's website to listeners around the world.