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Check Out This Model S Wagon Rendering

Brian Silvestro & Tony Markovich
Photo credit: NielsVanRoijDesign '17

From Road & Track

Thus far, Elon Musk’s Tesla has come out with two sedans, an SUV, a roadster, and a semi-truck. But there’s one design he hasn’t attempted (yet): a wagon. At the request of a special client, two Dutch specialists are doing what Musk hasn’t, joining forces to create a shooting brake out of an existing Tesla Model S.

Floris de Raadt, a car collector who specializes in shooting brakes, put in the request to RemetzCar, a Netherlands-based company that typically builds limousines from luxury vehicles. RemetzCar previously built a custom Model S hearse, so this isn’t the company’s first time dealing with a Tesla. Remetz enlisted the help of London-based Dutch designer Niels van Roij to craft the shape of the vehicle while maintaining its battery-electric powertrain. Which Model S or battery pack was used was not specified, however.

Photo credit: NielsVanRoijDesign '17

According to van Roij, the renderings seen here are the final result of a process that went through three different designs and 16 different design themes. As with most coachbuilt specials, the Model S shooting brake is crafted out of aluminum entirely by hand. The top was chopped off, and Remetz sculpted the new rear and roof silhouette from there.

Photo credit: NielsVanRoijDesign '17

While maintaining the versatility and functionality of a rear hatchback, van Roij and RemetzCar extended the roof just past the rear tires and added a small, rounded rear window. A rear roof spoiler somewhat breaks up the smoothly raked roofline, while chunky chrome outlines the window.

As of this writing, only the initial prototype is under construction. A full unveiling is expected in March 2018, and RemetzCar ultimately plans to release 20 examples - no word on pricing.

Photo credit: NeilsVanRoijDesign '17

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