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Chef Christian Bowman's Unique Culinary Creations Fuel The NBA's Talented Athletes

A rising star from South Central LA is disrupting the culinary community with his deep understanding of new gastronomy, that of an athlete fueling the court. As Chef Christian Bowman, known as Chef Cbo, continues to master his craft, he is expanding his chef skills and will be partnering with athletes and trainers to develop recipes for the public in 2020.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- In the United States, we regard chefs as a talented creative and necessary resource of our time. With countless awards, reviews, and media, there is no shortage of phenomenal restaurants for guests to visit. Meet the chef behind the scenes in the private kitchens of the most exceptional talent in the world. Christian Bowman, Chef to NBA All-Stars and celebrities, is a culinary master with raw natural born talent.

A team is more than just the players and, much like an excellent recipe, requires specific ingredients to thrive: family, dedication, loyalty, community, love, and health. Without all of these ingredients, persistence somewhere weakens. Food is the common ground that links everything together, and Chef Christian Bowman's diverse and unique palate is what is needed both on and off the court.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Christian grew up in a very rough part of South Central LA, where, unfortunately, gangs and drugs are present. Chef's faith in God, his friendships, and his family, as well as his hard work in the culinary industry, now inspires the community. Chef Cbo's value is widely recognized in celebrity communities as perfectly tailored dishes that are always new and innovative. We are seeing a rise in the demand for portioned and unique ways of eating. The meal-kit industry now valued at over 1.5 billion dollars and rising needs chefs with Cbo's talent to push forward and stand out among competitors.

A rising star in both men and women's health and lifestyle audience, it takes a chef who has cooked for stars like Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook, and Jimmy Butler, to know how to compose a diet fit for a champion. Requested by the best personal trainers, celebrities, and athletes, Chef Cbo knows how to accommodate the needs of his client without hesitation. His real gift lies in his limitless creativity and beautiful spirit. He will launch a recipe blog taking you behind the scenes of his best recipes in January 2020.

As we see significant and long overdue recognition for our African American chefs here in the US, he is one to watch. This holiday season, he recommends a Spiral Honey Baked Ham as the main dish to be a crowd-pleaser and for more plating ideas follow him on Instagram @chefcbo


SOURCE Chef Christian Bowman