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Chelsea Row Advances Social Selling With Groundbreaking Online Video Parties

Online Video Parties to Replace Home Parties in Direct Sales

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Sep 16, 2014) - Kitsy Lane today announced its revolutionary online video party platform that will be offered on its Chelsea Row site. Chelsea Row (www.chelsearow.com/p1), a spin off of Kitsy Lane, is the first social commerce company to offer online video parties as a replacement for the traditional home party in direct sales.

Chelsea Row's sellers, called Boutique Owners, introduce customers to its jewelry and accessories line via vParty, a groundbreaking, multi-party video event platform.

Chelsea Row's vParty functions similarly to Google hangouts, but is specifically designed for online selling parties. Using vParty, guests participate in contests, fashion shows, online styling activities, and group shopping, all while being connected via live audio and video. vParty puts social sellers in a position to scale their businesses faster and bigger by leveraging the power of a shared social experience to foster growth.

"vParty is game changing because it delivers an exciting and immersive party atmosphere online. Quite simply, vParty is a lot of fun! Think of it as Avon meets Skype. And since guests like attending vParties, sellers love holding them," says Andy Fox, CEO and founder of Kitsy Lane and Chelsea Row. "vParty allows our sellers to truly work from home and connect with customers regardless of where they live. We've opened up direct selling to a dramatically broader audience by tapping into the real power of today's social technology."

Building businesses faster: In the time it would take a traditional direct selling rep to hold one party, a vParty seller can hold up to five parties. Each vParty takes only 45 minutes to hold and requires no traditional party preparation, clean up or food and drink expenses.

Building businesses bigger: With vParty, sellers can build a business without geographic boundaries. Typically, direct sellers are bound to their own hyper-local geographic areas. With vParty a Boutique Owner in Boston can easily sell to contacts in San Francisco, Atlanta, and St. Louis simultaneously on multi-party video.

Bringing direct selling to a new audience: vParty opens up the world of direct selling to a new audience of sellers whose busy schedules or geographic limitations have made traditional direct selling prohibitive. Since vParty makes selling significantly easier, it solves the direct sales burn-out problem. Traditional direct sales requires traveling to and from clients' homes for parties. Now, transit time has been eliminated, and sellers can earn more for every hour they put into their business.

Making serious money: The typical vParty with five to seven guests has a checkout value of $500-$800. Depending on the sellers total monthly sales, they can earn up to 35% commission, resulting in earning potential of hundreds of dollars for each hour worked on average. The current average hourly wage per vParty is $200-$430 per hour.

"I love vParties because the prep time is much less than doing a home party. I have friends all over the country and they were able to support my new business venture without leaving their homes. I don't have to process any orders, mail anything or carry any inventory. When the party is over, I have nothing to calculate or worry about with customer orders. The hostess gifts are already calculated through the software, my commission is credited to me and the party guests are taken care of," says Joy Hamilton, Chelsea Row Boutique Owner.

About Chelsea Row & Kitsy Lane:
Chelsea Row (www.chelsearow.com/p1) is a new social selling company leveraging the power of online video parties to catapult direct selling into the 21st century, allowing today's modern woman a genuine home business opportunity. Chelsea Row is a brand of Kitsy Lane, a social selling e-commerce platform that boasts over 220,000 Boutique Owners who sell Kitsy Lane products through personalized and social online marketing. Kitsy Lane focuses on selling through low touch social marketing while Chelsea Row offers a high touch online selling platform to entrepreneurs.

Chelsea Row offers fashion jewelry and accessories for sale through a network of sellers (Boutique Owners) who earn commission. Chelsea Row products are sold through vParty, a patent-pending virtual party platform that allows guests to shop together online while being connected on audio and video.

To learn more about Chelsea Row, please visit www.chelsearow.com.