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Chemence Announces Rebranding of Krylex


Chemence, a multinational leader in chemical technology with reach from Malaysia to London, is pleased to announce the awaited brand reinvention of Krylex. Chemence develops a diverse range of chemicals products, including 3D printing solutions, consumer adhesives, sealant and impregnation systems, and a full-range of medical devices. Slated for release in 2017, Chemence’s Krylex will comprise a robust line of products familiar to both Chemence industrial and consumer customers.

“Our chemists and technicians worked tirelessly to perfect the Krylex brand offering,” says James Cooke, Chemence CEO. “With Krylex, we apply deeper science to innovate in ways that customers will really care about. Krylex’s renewal is a pivot point that marks a new future for Chemence’s transformative science. On behalf of the Chemence team, we are thrilled to announce this new line of powerful innovations.”

Chemence anticipates explosive growth through the end of 2018, thanks to the numerous new expansion avenues the Krylex brand provides, beginning in Q1 of 2017. Krylex Consumer Project Adhesives are available for purchase on Amazon.com beginning in March 2017, and the full line of Krylex’s products will come available at major retail stores in the months that follow. Additionally, the remaining Chemence divisions—including Graphics, 3D Printing, and Medical Device Adhesives—will experience a label change in order shipments. Chemence assures no changes to product formulations, materials, or quality has occurred.

Director of Quality, Debbie Nash-Makita says, “Adhesives, regardless of the diverse applications, are the life-blood of our operation. As a company, we are building the cohesion required to explore all our products’ possible applications. To that end, the Krylex umbrella will further Chemence’s mission for corporate cohesion. The exciting new Chemence will revolutionize everything from brain surgery to automotive industry.”

Krylex is a new industry standard, representing flexibility, durability, and strength. Learn more about Krylex products at www.chemence.com.

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