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ChemoCentryx publishes positive Phase 2 clinical data with CCX354 for RA

ChemoCentryx, announced the publication of positive data from the Company's Phase 2 CARAT-2 study for CCX354, a potent and selective, orally-administered inhibitor of CCR1, a chemokine receptor that drives the recruitment of inflammatory cells into the joints of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, or RA. The findings showed that CCX354 was generally well tolerated by patients with RA. Measurement of evidence of clinical activity included the ACR20 response at Week 12 in patients who met trial inclusion criteria at the start of dosing Day 1 eligible: The response was 56% in patients receiving 200 mg CCX354 once daily, compared to 44% in patients receiving 100 mg twice daily and 30% in patients receiving placebo. ACR20 is a standard measure of improvement in tender and swollen joint counts. The difference between 200 mg once daily and placebo was statistically significant. Data also indicated that CCX354 treatment reduced markers of bone turnover, supporting the previously documented role of CCR1 in osteoclast maturation and migration.