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Chevron: Pa. Pipe leak worse than first thought

MCDONALD, Pa. (AP) -- A Chevron Corp. natural gas drilling unit says a leaking pipe at a southwestern Pennsylvania well site contaminated more soil than initially thought.

The state Department of Environmental Protection says Chevron-Appalachia reported a leak of about 100 gallons from the underground pipe at its well in Robinson, Washington County in December. But the company has since raised their estimate to as much as 4,000 gallons spilled.

A 2-inch pipe carrying condensates from the hydraulic fracturing well is the source of the leak.

Chevron spokesman Trip Oliver says it's harder to assess the damage caused by the leak because the pipe is buried. He says there's no evidence the nearby Bigger Run Creek has been contaminated.

A DEP spokesman says Chevron has dug up at least 1,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil.