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New Sports Fuel to Power Human Powered Health Cycling Team and Pro Triathletes Joe Skipper and Jesper Svensson in 2023

Science-Fact Formulas Leverage Power of Real Food and Galactose Carbohydrate to Provide Superior Fuel to Elite and Amateur Athletes

BOSTON, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Chew, the food innovation lab committed to democratizing good food and beverage, today announced the launch of Fastfood™, a first-of-its-kind line of high-performance sports nutrition products engineered to fuel elite and amateur athletes.

Fastfood's line of Galacto-Gels™, Galacto-Gummies™, and Hydrator beverage mixes
Fastfood's line of Galacto-Gels™, Galacto-Gummies™, and Hydrator beverage mixes

Inspired by his passion for triathlon, endurance competition, and real food, Chew Founder and CEO Adam Melonas created Fastfood to introduce an impactful alternative to a sports nutrition marketplace that is saturated with artificial ingredients and pseudo-science.

Made from real food, Fastfood was engineered in collaboration with world-class endurance athletes and was created with an uncompromising focus on producing the highest-performing fuel possible. Because of this athlete-focused approach, the Human Powered Health™ cycling team and professional triathletes Joe Skipper and Jesper Svensson are already fueling themselves with Fastfood ahead of the 2023 race season.

Fastfood's line of Galacto-Gels™, Galacto-Gummies™, and Hydrator beverage mixes is made from real food and is certified with Informed Sport, providing athletes assurance that all products have been tested for a wide range of substances prohibited in sport.

"As both a chef and an Ironman triathlete I have an intimate understanding of the essential benefits of quality high-performance fuel," said Melonas. "During my training, I struggled to accept that the sports nutrition marketplace often forces athletes to consume artificial ingredients at the expense of their holistic food values and I was irritated enough to do something about it. Our science-fact approach at Chew is unparalleled within the industry, and we are extremely proud of what we were able to create with Fastfood. Athletes can now fuel themselves with the highest-performance product, while feeling comfortable and confident that they can maintain their health and food-conscious lifestyles."

In addition to differentiating itself through its natural ingredients, Fastfood also separates itself from its competitors by incorporating galactose into its Galacto-Gels and Galacto-Gummies. The Fastfood team produces this key carbohydrate by converting naturally occurring and abundant lactose into its two key components, galactose and glucose, which, in combination with fructose, creates the ideal carbohydrate blend to power maximum athletic performance, while remaining lactose-free to avoid intolerance. The Optimal Energy Release System leverages the diversification of energy inputs into varied metabolic pathways, creating an efficiency of energy absorption that helps maximize the amount of carbohydrates that athletes can consume per hour. The presence of galactose provides a stable supply of carbohydrates to fuel the body and allows athletes to avoid the sugar crashes frequently seen in athletic activity that lasts more than one hour due to the consumption of sports nutrition products containing isolated simple sugars such as only glucose and fructose.

The Fastfood line of products also includes an excellent Hydrator beverage mix, which provides optimal electrolytes and micro-nutrition for each occasion. Chew's meticulously designed hydration formula blends food-based ingredients, sodium, chloride, magnesium, and zinc to create balanced replenishment and eliminate the salty taste often associated with sports nutrition hydration products. Real food ingredients including lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice, raspberry, pomegranate & guarana provide the Fastfood Hydrator beverage mix with real taste and natural caffeine.

All Fastfood products, which come in a wide variety of flavors, contain 25g of Carbohydrates per serving and range in price per serving from $1.92 - $3.33. Items are sold in multi-serve packs ranging from $30 - $46.

Pre-orders for Fastfood will be made available beginning on February 14 by visiting, with shipping to commence on Monday March 6.

For more information and updates follow along on Instagram (@wearefastfood), Facebook (@wearefastfood), and Twitter (@wearefastfood).

About Chew: Chew is an innovation team of world-class chefs and scientists on a mission to democratize good food & beverage. Chew boldly defines the new normal in the world of packaged goods by creating products that are delicious, nutritious, sustainable, profitable and scalable. Founded by culinary provocateur Adam Melonas in 2013, Chew works to liberate consumers and companies alike from industry norms. It empowers their clients with the tools and "anything is possible" state of mind that's needed to truly revolutionize for the world's rapidly evolving consumer and their needs. Chew's client list is made up of the world's largest and most influential food and beverage companies and progressive startups. Through these partnerships, Chew has created more than 4,000 products and co-authored over 40 patents. For more information visit:

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