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Chewing Gum Industry Disrupted

DENVER, April 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CONFADENT Oral Technology, a Denver-based company, has invented and successfully developed a new oral care product in the form of chewing gum. Through the use of groundbreaking technology and FDA-approved active ingredients, CONFADENT's proprietary chewing gum is formulated to help reduce the bacteria that cause plaque and gingivitis, whiten one's teeth, and maintain an extra, crisp peppermint flavor for a substantial time period. As highlighted in the commercial, it is a supernova that is destined to change the way people think of gum.

WHAT: After a successful soft launch in Q1 of 2017, CONFADENT Oral Technology is excited to bring their innovative product to the masses. Their very first commercial emphasizes the product's groundbreaking disrupters to the oral care industry, showcases its unique components, and reveals the gum's dynamic packaging and style.  Interested in learning more? Make sure to view CONFADENT's video.  

WHERE: Online, Welcome to the Future of Gum. Connect with CONFADENT by finding them online (confadent.com), liking them on Facebook (facebook.com/confadent), following them on Twitter and Instagram (@ConfadentGum) and using their hashtags— #ConfadentGum and #BeConfadent.

WHEN: The launch is happening right now. Purchase CONFADENT gum at Amazon.com and also, Confadent.com.

WHY: For decades, chewing gum has changed colors, flavors, and designs, but it hasn't seen much shift in ingredients or real benefits. CONFADENT Oral Technology taps into an unmet need through its one-of-kind composition. CONFADENT houses Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC), a compound found in toothpaste and mouthwash, which reduces plaque and calculus. It is a cationic surface-active agent, has a broad antimicrobial spectrum, and kills gram-positive pathogens and yeast — meaning this product provides gum protection and plaque reduction while freshening breath and whitening teeth.

CONFADENT is an oral wash you can chew on a regular basis, thus contacting teeth even beyond the capabilities of a toothbrush or rinsing. Millions of Americans are already avid gum or mint users; why not use a product that has actual health benefits in your daily routine? 

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