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Chicago's Rogers & Hollands Jewelers Gifts Oscars Star "Gary from Chicago" and His Fiancée Wedding Bands

CHICAGO, Feb. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- America's oldest family-owned & operated jewelry store, Chicago-based Rogers & Hollands, wants to give America's favorite Oscars attendees, "Gary from Chicago" and his fiancée Vicky, wedding bands for their big day.

"Like all of America, we fell in love with 'Gary from Chicago'," said Amber Willmer, Director of Social & Digital Media Marketing for Rogers & Hollands.

Gary and Vicky were part of a group of tourists that thought it was taking a typical Hollywood Boulevard tour Sunday night. But to its surprise, the group was welcomed directly into the front row of the Dolby Theatre by Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel during the awards show. The group was stunned, and "Gary from Chicago" — wearing shorts and a "Hollywood"-adorned hoodie, holding a bulky travel bag in one hand and his phone in selfie position in the other — immediately charmed Kimmel.

"Who is your favorite actor?" Kimmel asked Vicky. "That man right there," she said, star-struck and pointing at Denzel Washington. As Kimmel asked Washington to be the best man at the couple's July 18 wedding, Gary continued taking pictures with his cell phone. "You know we're on TV so you don't have to do that," Kimmel told Gary. "Yes sir, but I want to!" Gary insisted.

Within minutes #GaryFromChicago became a popular hashtag on Twitter with many viewers calling him the night's biggest winner. During his trek across the show's front row, Gary kissed actresses Nicole Kidman, Octavia Spencer, and Meryl Streep. Prompted by Kimmel, Jennifer Aniston gave Vicky sunglasses from her purse as a "wedding gift."

"Gary represents the charm and fun-loving character of Chicago, and as a Chicago company, we want to thank him for bringing viewers that joy last night," Rogers & Hollands' Willmer said. "We're all about celebrating big moments." In fact, Rogers & Hollands has been trusted by generations of families celebrating their biggest moments for 107 years. "And while the Oscars was a big moment for this couple, their wedding day will be another we'd love to be a part of."

About Rogers & Hollands Jewelers (Rogers Enterprises, Inc.):   

Rogers Enterprises, Inc. is a growing fine jewelry chain with 80 stores across ten states. Founded in 1910, this family-owned company operates under the names of Rogers & Hollands Jewelers and Ashcroft & Oak Jewelers, and is now the largest family-owned and operated retail jewelry chain in the country.  The company's slogan, "jewelry created for now & forever," speaks to both the timeless beauty of its jewelry and its commitment to being a jeweler trusted by multiple generations of families for over a century.  More: http://www.rogersandhollands.com

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Amber Willmer

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