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Children in U.S. Safer than in Past, Brooklyn Pediatrician says it's a Step in the Right Direction

Dr. Michael Gabriel, a Brooklyn Pediatrician, follows up on an article posted by CNN.com that says children's safety is improving; Gabriel gives advice for parents on how else they can keep their children safe and healthy

Brooklyn, NY /myprgenie.com / ACCESSWIRE / May 7, 2014 / Dr. Michael Gabriel of GPM Pediatrics, a Brooklyn based Pediatric Center discusses child safety and what parents can do to ensure safety as recent reports released say children are safer than at the start of the Millennium.

The article, published by CNN.com says that children are at a higher risk of being victimized than adults in addition to kids witnessing violence on a daily basis which can have adverse effects on the mental health of children. Researchers concluded that the recent recession had less of an effect on the increase of violence than other recessions. Typically violence increases during economic hardships, especially for low-income families.

According to CNN.com, rates of violence overall have been on the decline since the 1990's but researchers don't have a concrete reason why. Some theories include: the rise of Public Health Programs combating violence against children, more people being put on psychiatric medication thus reducing violent behavior, and the increase in cell phone use in which kids can call for help may have an impact on crime rates.

Dr. Michael Gabriel thinks that this is great news but is cautious of future rates. "The fact that violence against children has decreased during a recession is astounding but we have to continue the trend." Gabriel explains "Child safety is important to their future health. Witnessing crime can even have a long-term effect on children so the overall violence rate decreasing as well is good news."

Dr. Gabriel urges parents to be aware of violence in and outside of the home. "Cyber-bullying is also a major issue which can lead to actual violence. Kids are vulnerable so they need to always use the buddy system in addition to having cell phones to call for help." Gabriel hopes that violence rates continue to decrease and that the overall well-being of children, mentally, emotionally, and physically improve in the future.

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SOURCE: GPM Pediatrics