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Children's Book Series Celebrity Tater Tot Teams Up With Drake University Live Mascot for Special Mission

Bookend Bulldogs Making Book Donation to New Boys and Girls Club

DES MOINES, Iowa, July 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Two English Bulldogs, who look so much alike that they could be bookends are teaming up to enrich children's literacy in Des Moines, Iowa. Tater Tot, the star of his very own children's book series and Griff, DrakeUniversity's live mascot, are delivering a special gift to the soon to open Gregory and Suzie Glazer Burt Boys and Girls Club on Drake's campus: free copies of the life lessons book, Tater Tot at The Chase: A Happy Helper.

Griff will join Tater Tot at Beaverdale Books on Thursday, July 25. The two pals are not only greeting fans together; Tater Tot will be signing "paw-tographs" while little ones and their parents check out one of the best children's books in town! For every book sold, Tater Tot is donating a book to Griff's charity of choice, The Boys and Girls Club of Central Iowa, which just happens to be opening up a new club next month in Griff's back yard at Drake University.

Tater Tot Book Event

Beaverdale Books
2629 Beaver Ave # S1, Des Moines, IA
6:30 p.m.
Pawtographs and #yourpurchasehonored donation

"We are so honored to have connected with Griff and his handler, Erin Bell, to make this donation to an organization that dedicates so much time to helping young readers in the Des Moines community," says Laura Byrne, Tater Tot's chief biographer. "Tater Tot's incredibly kind nature was the inspiration for this children's book series of lessons for life, to help everyone understand their own personal responsibility in creating respect in any situation. Children's fiction books can play a pivotal role in teaching young (and older) readers why it is so important to treat others with respect."

"It is always a treat to meet fellow bulldogs that support education and literacy. Tater Tot and Griff share the same smushy qualities that draw people to them, which is powerful when you are talking about learning life lessons," says Erin Bell, Drake University's Live Mascot Handler. "We are excited to be part of this fun event and know the Boys & Girls Club will love having the first volume in their new facility on campus."

Tater Tot At The Chase: A Happy Helper is the first book in a children's book series showing readers the importance of doing what you said you would do, a critical life lesson that earns every person trust and respect.

"We are thrilled to add this life lessons book to our future library at The Gregory & Suzie Glazer Burt Boys & Girls Club in Des Moines," says Abbey Barrow, Director of Marketing & Communications of the Boys & Girls Club of Central Iowa. "We know our Club members will love reading about his adventures and better connecting with the Bulldog community as we join the Drake neighborhood."

The new Boys & Girl Club on Drake University's campus opens next month. It will provide after-school and summertime care to hundreds of kindergarten through grade 12 students in the surrounding neighborhood. The Gregory & Suzie Glazer Burt Club is only the third in the nation to be located on a private university campus.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Laura Byrne, (415) 308-9663, email: tatertot@allonsyee.com

About the Book

Tater Tot At The Chase: A Happy Helper is the first book in a children's illustrated series showing us the importance of doing what you said you would do, a critical life lesson that earns every person trust and respect.

"I love how Tater Tot is the one with the problem so you can have a conversation with your kids or grandkids without a litany of creative excuses or tears," remarked Carol Weisman, mother, grandmother, and author of Raising Charitable Children (2018 F.E. Robbins and Sons Press).

Byrne is planning to release more Tater Tot stories emphasizing the benefits of sharing, listening, accepting differences, being a good sport and more.

Tater Tot At The Chase: A Happy Helper is available at Beaverdale Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many other online book retailers and through major wholesalers for libraries and local bookstores.

Tater Tot's #yourpurchasehonored program honors every purchase of Tater Tot book gifting a copy of his book where a book is needed.

You can follow Tater Tot's adventures in life's lessons at:


Instagram: @tatertatertot



About the Author

Laura Holman Byrne, a lifelong science and healthcare communications professional and first-time children's book author, was inspired by the pure joy people respond to Tater Tot with in person or through social media. "Tater Tot is the greatest equalizer. There's not anyone, in any mood, circumstance, race, color or creed that he can't make smile and feel love."

While this children's book is excellent for little readers, Ms. Byrne has seen the lesson become a friendly reminder for adult readers who may have a lapse or two in their own efforts to be personally responsible for creating respect in any situation.

You can write to Ms. Byrne and Tater Tot to suggest a book gift honoree or to speak at your organization or event about their trials, errors, and successes of building respect as a team at lbyrne@allonsyee.com.

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Children's Book Series Celebrity Tater Tot Teams Up With Drake University Live Mascot for Special Mission
Tater Tot, bulldog celebrity of a new children's book series will be signing "Paw-tographs" at Beaverdale Books in Des Moines, IA. Griff, Drake University's live mascot will be the #yourpurchasehonored honoree for book donations matching sales of Tater Tot's book at the July 25th event.

Best selling children's book Tater Tot At The Chase: A Happy Helper
Learning life's lessons has never been sweeter. Engaging story and rich illustrations make learning to do what you said you would do fun! 

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