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Children's Health and Medical Freedom Organizations Condemn Intolerance and Violence

Children's Health Defense and other organizations call for a thorough investigation and rigorous prosecution.

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Sept. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The undersigned organizations condemn the behavior of Rebecca Dalelio who allegedly threw a red liquid from the Senate gallery that struck some CA State Senators. We are thankful that no Senator was injured in the incident.

This was the second unlawful assault of its kind in approximately three weeks. The earlier incident on August 21st involved a man named Kenneth Austin Bennett who shoved California Sen. Richard Pan in a street altercation. Contrary to Sen. Pan's insinuations, Mr. Bennett was a lone actor who was not, nor had never been, part of the organizations that support children's health and education. Despite Mr. Bennett's efforts to associate with the vaccine safety movement, our organizations, kept him at arm's length.

California citizens who advocate for children's health and medical freedom are peaceful citizens who condemn violence in the harshest terms. Our movement has been disciplined in its practice of non-violent peaceful protest. Rebecca Dalelio is also not a member of our groups and is unfamiliar to people in the movement.

The undersigned groups strongly suspect that the motives of these two individuals were to discredit our movement. Following Mr. Bennett's arrest, our movement unanimously condemned his actions and demanded his vigorous prosecution. However, many observers complained that the video of the incident revealed indices of a staged provocation. We complained when Senator Pan demanded the suppression of the tape. We ask that each of these individuals be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law.

We also demand that law enforcement authorities conduct a full and thorough investigation to determine the perpetrators' motives.  

Children's Health Defense, Health Choice, Informed Consent Action Network, Stand for Health Freedom, Parents United 4 Kids, Freedom Angels Foundation 

Laura Bono


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