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Chime Solutions Launches Total Life Program, Helping Employees Win Outside of the Workplace

ATLANTA, Aug. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Chime Solutions, a domestic-based Business Process Outsourcing center, is putting its people at the heart of all initiatives. With a goal larger than community revitalization, the company recently launched its employee-centric Total Life program.

The Chime Total Life program consists of development courses and wellness programs offered to enhance all aspects of employee's lives, including financial aptitude, physical health and mental health. The entire company has begun to take full advantage of the credit repair classes, personalized workouts and mindfulness lunch and learns. Reports have shown declines in employee's financial worry and increases in both their physical and psychological health.

"Curating employee-engagement events and incentives to support our people, beyond providing them with a job, is my favorite part of what I do," said Chief of Staff Lauren Wilson. "Our business continues its employee-centered focus and programs like these, coupled with salary increases is just the beginning."

Chime has recently announced that the hourly pay rate for all its front-line employees will increase by 35%, changing the starting rate to $14 an hour.

"Our team is excited for the positive impact these programs and initiatives will bring," said CEO, Mark Wilson. "We have even established a goal to support at least 50 employees achieving home-ownership through the facilitation of these types of programs."

Continuing its commitment to bring jobs to Clayton County, Chime Solutions currently has over 800 jobs available for seasonal customer service. The positions will be predominately comprised of trained customer service representatives handling enrollment in annual company-sponsored health and benefit programs. In addition to the hiring of customer service representatives, Chime Solutions is seeking to hire Team Leaders and Operations Managers as part of this program.  The hiring fulfills Chime's previous commitment to Clayton County and the City of Morrow to bring more than 1200 jobs to the area.

Interested candidates should contact Emanuel Harris at 678-961-6247 or Emanuel.Harris@chimesolutions.com

About Chime Solutions:

Chime Solutions, a privately owned, certified minority and woman owned business provides U.S.-based customer contact services for its clients in a wide range of industries, including financial services, insurance, health care and telecommunications. Chime Solutions specializes in providing clients flexible, high quality business process outsourcing solutions with an emphasis on inbound customer care. Chime Solutions delivers both steady state and seasonal customer care support that offers reliable, secure and personalized conversations with its client's customers.  Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia Chime is a different kind of outsourcing contact center partner; one who offers an integrated strategic partnership approach to its clients by offering both a low-cost service delivery model combined with its high value differentiated solutions. 

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