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China-based TianAn Cyber Park Group Ties Up with Local Partners in Building Innovation Centers in 9 Countries

DONGGUAN, China, March 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- China's "Government Work Report of 2017" suggests the country steadily promote the 'One Belt, One Road' initiative -- the program to foster commerce with the countries lining the ancient Silk Road trade routes -- in a move to bolster the export and use of Chinese equipment, technology and services and encourage the adoption of Chinese standards in global markets, and, at the same time, develop complementary advantages by facilitating communications in areas such as education, entertainment and tourism, as well as to promote an interest in all things Chinese, whether it be Chinese customs or fashion, culminating in the creation of a customs union encompassing the interested countries.

In line with this initiative, TianAn Cyber Park Group has joined forces with organizations in nine countries in building what the firm has termed "innovation centers", with the goal of being an engine for industry development while meeting the needs of companies in need of the services that an innovation center can offer. The group plans to build an ecosystem that provides high value and an innovative approach for the companies that use its services, by optimizing its core competitiveness, promoting the upgrade of industries it serves, with the knock-on effect of increasing the output value of the cities in which the innovation centers are located. The group is dedicated to providing companies with  "best-in-class" professional services, and in doing so, makes a contribution to the redefining of the term "Intelligent Manufacturing in China."

A year ago, TianAn Cyber Park Group built a "direct connection" between China and France, through a project that had received the approval and firm support of the local French government having jurisdiction over the area where the project is located, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the P.R.C. and the government of the city of Shenzhen in Guangdong province. The group partnered with Yvelines, a French department in the Paris suburbs, to jointly build an innovation center and a complementary incubator on the former campus of Électricité de France (EDF), a French electric utility company largely owned by the French state.

In March of the same year, the group was invited to Paris to meet and decide on the best ways to share the resources that would become available as a result of the project, as well as to start building the "direct connection" platform, with the goal of taking full advantage of the synergies that the two organizations can derive from each other by joining hands. During the visit, in addition to five high level meetings with similar facilities in Paris and around the country, TianAn Cyber Park visited three leading incubators in Paris, looked at several plots of land as a possible purchases, as well as reviewed several projects in which the firm is considering becoming a partner. The group also participated in Europe's leading trade show covering the gifts and handicrafts sector, an event that is also a showcase of new technologies making their debut in the European market – Maker Faire Paris.

TianAn Cyber Park Group CEO Li Ke commented: "TianAn Cyber Park helps the companies who have chosen to settle in one of the group's parks gain access to cutting-edge concepts and applications that are being developed around the world, while the group itself strategically looks beyond the borders of China to open itself up to business opportunities with an international scope and to explore and develop a global strategy that allows the firm to make inroads into foreign markets while bringing international resources into its China-based facilities."

In 2016, TianAn Cyber Park organized, participated in and hosted a series of influential events, including "Summer Davos" in Asia: Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2016, the 2nd Global Cre8 Summit 2016 and 2016 China-Europe Innovation and Economic Cooperation Summit. The group also facilitated the entry for companies in the parks to several events including the Shenzhen International Electronics Expo and the 18th China Hi-Tech Fair 2016, which enhanced their development trajectories by raising the visibility of their product lines, and by the same token, their brand visibility, in their respective industries.

TianAn Cyber Park president Du Chansheng further elaborated: "The future of the group depends on balanced development while achieving breakthroughs with its "light" or intangible assets, which includes continuing the expansion of its international business, assisting Chinese companies in make inroads into foreign markets through facilitating the communication and cooperation with potential overseas partners while bringing international firms into China. The group plans to make use of existing resources through building new resource channels or exchanging resource channels with similarly-placed companies around the world, in a move to create brand new market opportunities."

By the end of December, 2016, TianAn Cyber Park had already established nine "direct connection" platforms, with the U.S., Israel, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, Canada and Lithuania. As a result, the group has been able to set up a worldwide network for the sharing of resources, including human, technology, financial and information, with like-minded innovative companies in a move to create more opportunities in the market.

In answering the government's call for innovation, TianAn Cyber Park built an ecosystem that encourages and fosters innovation by providing entrepreneurs from all over the world with an open service platform which is modest when it comes to costs, user-friendly and offers a comprehensive suite of needed services.

Since the beginning of the year, the group has continued building out its network of accessible smart technologies, marketing support and global resources while growing its roster of international partnerships, with the ultimate goal of assembling an end-to-end continuum of needed resources all over the world, building a multidimensional service system and creating a culture focused on innovation. In the process, the group provides a healthy entrepreneurial environment backed by a full service suite to its overseas teams, in a move to form a complete industry chain based on innovation, creating a virtuous cycle of growth.

As China's leading developer and operator of an innovative corporate eco-system, TianAn Cyber Park pays special attention to the life cycle of a company from the day it is founded and through the incubation phase, until it has the resources, knowledge and skillsets to exist on its own. The group, in order to provide those services, has created an ecosystem that has integrated the needs for research and office space, as well as for business and communications services, under one roof. The park dedicates itself to nurturing firms that demonstrate innovation and to providing those firms with a complete industry chain of services that not only support their innovative nature but serve to assure their success.

Based on keen observation of the customer's needs, TianAn Cyber Park has created industry clusters so that companies in the same industry can provide needed resources to one another, established a business model that the start-up firms can emulate, and, in having done so, help the company as it moves through each stage of its life cycle. Going beyond the basic services that every company needs, the group also provides needed capital support through its exclusive financial services platform, moving the company through inception and incubation to full maturity, as well as supplying the company with access to intelligent technologies, marketing support and international resources, meeting their multidimensional needs while contributing to the economic growth of the local area in which the park is located.

Currently, more than 10,000 companies are located in one of the group's parks, with access to the services of the company's innovative ecosystem. TianAn Cyber Park was established in 1990, with headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. The group has developed, and currently operates and manages, a total area exceeding 16 million square meters, spread over 17 parks in 11 cities across China, with a concentration in the Pearl River Delta as well as locations in the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Rim and the Southwest Economic Circle.

In its role as an important engine of local property development that helps to maximize the contributions that cities can make to their own growth, TianAn Cyber Park Group has formed strategic cooperative partnerships with more than 100 industry leaders, well-established business organizations and service facilities, more than 70 of which are listed companies. The group has proved itself to be an ideal partner for small to medium-sized innovative and growth-oriented private companies.

Over the past two decades, TianAn Cyber Park has continually innovated and filled the role of "being the company's partner in terms of time and the service provider of space", all of which requires keen observation of the customer's needs. These observations led to the group creating industry clusters that allow companies in the same industry to provide needed resources to one another, establishing a business model that the start-up firms can emulate, and in the larger picture, helping the company as it moves through each stage of its life cycle. The group provides the companies in its parks with an exclusive financial services platform, enabling each company to move from inception and incubation to full maturity, as well as supplies the company with access to intelligent technologies, marketing support and international resources, meeting their multidimensional needs. The group's market-oriented service operation serves as a bridge between the companies in its parks and the resources that they need, between the companies themselves as well as between the companies and the government, all of which drives the group's innovative ecosystem to further integrate, upgrade and continually reinvent itself.

* The above information is provided and confirmed by Qin Chuan, issued on behalf of China Technology Media by Guangdong Innovation Technology Media Service Center.

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