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China Fujian Brands, Gateway for Maritime Silk Road

BANGKOK, Sept. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The China Fujian Brands Along the Maritime Silk Road (Thailand) expo will be held on September 5-7 at the EH100 Pavilion at the BITEC Exhibition and Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand. The event is based on the China-ASEAN (Thailand) Commodity Trade Fair and is hosted by the Department of Commerce of Fujian Province. The event aims to build a platform for Fujian enterprises to strengthen economic and trade with Thailand and neighboring countries, focusing on promoting brand products in Fujian Province and highlighting the characteristics of Fujian brand enterprises.

The exhibition of China Fujian Brands Along the Maritime Silk Road (Thailand) is divided into two parts: Fujian Brand Pavilion and Enterprise Commodity Exhibition Zone. The Fujian Brand Pavilion will display the image of Fujian through exhibition boards, pictures, publicity and promotion materials, and roll-to-play promotional videos. It will promote Fujian's good business environment, focus on demonstrating Fujian's superior brand products and reform and opening up results, and promote the development of Fujian's advantageous brand products. The market will drive the majority of market players to make exchanges with Thailand and neighboring countries, expand two-way trade, and promote two-way investment.

In the enterprise product exhibition area, more than 80 enterprises from Fujian will participate in the exhibition, displaying brand products such as food, shoes, clothing, home, building materials, etc. During the event, Thai and international buyers will go to the exhibition area to negotiate with Fujian-based enterprises, purchase products and establis economic and trade channels between the two sides.

On September 5th, the China Fujian Brands along the Maritime Silk Road (Thailand) business matchmaking meeting will be held in the EH100 Pavilion of the BITEC Exhibition and Convention Center in Bangkok. People from all walks of life in Thailand will meet with Fujian enterprises. At the meeting, Fujian Brands along the Maritime Silk Road (trade articles)", U disk and other materials will be distributed, and the promotion films such as "Eco-Fujian, Gateway for the Maritime Silk Road" will be broadcast to promote Fujian investment and business environment; brand products, letting Thai buyers and international buyers to further understand Fujian brands and products; and Thailand buyers, business associations and international buyers will be invited to release procurement demand information to strengthen the accurate matching of supplier and international buyers.