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China is jamming Trump on trade

Rick Newman
Senior Columnist
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    Xi knows Trump is facing reelection. He can wait Trump out. That's a huge advantage for Xi.
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    Yeah... Trump said "China will pay for all the tariff for all the goods to the USA"...Huh.... really? I just don't know how this guy run his business..... He might not even know what is the meaning of tariff. ----The consumers of both countries are the paying it----
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    The US let China get away with murder for decades, under the assumption that being nice would eventually encourage them to play by the rules. It hasn't worked, but nobody told Joe Biden. The most likely scenario is a hard separation, where the Chinese market is separate from the rest of the World, and has it's own rules. Supply chains move to Vietnam, Taiwan, India, etc. Xi might think Biden will win in 2020 and US policy would go back to "business as usual," but it's not that simple. Biden would get caught up in the chain of events just like everyone else. Biden might talk nice about China now, but he can't win (or be re-elected) without voter support in the Rustbelt, a region gutted by globalization. China will either change it's ways or separate economically . . . It appears to prefer separation, which is the choice most single-party dictatorships have made historically . . . And that's the most likely outcome, even if Joe "I'm going to be nice to China" Biden wins in 2020 . . .
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    We probably are not going to have a deal with China, and we should not. They are thieves on a global scale. They don't let us into their markets so there's no gain for us. In the long run this will hurt them more than us- and that's fine.

    They need a change in their form of government and until then have to be regarded as hostile.
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    Trump is jamming up our stock market with his Tariffs .. that the consumer pays anyway. Essentially the citiziens of the USA are getting jamm'd up too.
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    Nobody thought this level of tariffs would have so little negative effect on the U.S. economy.
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    I cannot think of one Chinese company products I purchase. It is American companies that make their products in China because it makes them more profitable. We will keep buying these American company products from China.

    The Chinese on the other hand have American companies in China selling to them. Not Chinese. Making it easy for the Chinese win this trade war Dotard started.
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    More comments from the People's republic of Yahoo! ..
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    Turn up the heat....
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    Why is it that Yahoo continually support the barbaric regime in China in their one-sided mis-information campaign? I though they were a "progressive" organization? Apparently pro-communist/totalitarian is more accurate. Or perhaps it's just their hatred of Trump that causes them to have a blind eye when it comes to China.