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    For nearly four hundred years businessmen, from mercantile traders to modern corporate investors have have recognised the potential of the Chinese market - it is massive. It doesn't matter if you are selling opium or microsoft computer programmes - you are in to make a fortune. Back in 1981, I had economics professor (considered an expert on developing economies). Mainland China had just be recognised by the United States government. He said, if the Chinese economy stays to a communist economy, the United States will be safe. It is just not competitive. However, if the convert to a free market economy then the gloves are off and they will face the most effective competition they have ever known.
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    This has been happening since we outsourced our manufacturing and data storage to China.
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    I'd be more concerned about the fact that corporate America, in their never ceasing chase for cheaper labor and greater profits, transferred U.S. technological and manufacturing know-how to China and sold out the USA.
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    There was a time that everything America invented was manufactured in America. Then in the mid 70's the cost of US manufacturing became too expensive as profits stagnated. I worked for Motorola Automotive Products Division starting in the mid 70's. Electronic Ignition systems had just been invented and US manufacturing costs skyrocketed. At the time Japan offered High Standards, with Low manufacturing expenses. Eventually, Japan became too expensive, and production was moved to China. The electronic brain was a 5"x5"x2" high aluminum casting, stuffed with a circuit board, then filled with epoxy. it cost Motorola a million to invent and develop. US manufacturing costs were $103.67 each including parts and labor. The finished unit from Japan cost $8.00 each, and eventually crept up to $12.00 each and was extremely durable and high quality. But the return on investment was slow and they had China do a production rum and their total cost was $5.00 USD. The Electronic Brain was sold exclusively to Ford. It was wholesaled for $102.00 per unit and retailed for $245.00. Here is where the US lost control. In order for Japan and China to manufacture the unit, they needed the technology and assembly blueprints. When manufacturing moved from Japan to China-Japan continued to manufacture the Units for the "After Market" replacements. Wholesale prices were undercut, and eventually, new technology was developed. If a company doesn't want their technology stolen then keep manufacturing here, and accept a lower return on investment.
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    given almost all electronics and computer components including routers switches hubs and network cards are manufactured in china where they receive their MAC address I am guessing they can use that to get in to about anything
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    China's been doing this since Carter. Read "100 Year Marathon"; it explains exactly how they plan to be the top country in the world on their 100 year anniversary (since their revolution).
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    Chinese nationals were the biggest buyers of US real estate, purchasing $31.7 billion worth of property, up from $27.3 billion a year earlier and more than ever before.
    But the largest increase came from a surge in buyers from Canada, where prices have skyrocketed in recent years, partially due to Chinese investment there.

    New Zealand just issued a ban on foreigners buying in their country.
    We might want to do the same thing in the US.
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    Fully supportive of Trump's hard stance on China.
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    Neither China nor Russia are Friends of the USA. At best they are trading partners, NOT FRIENDS OR ALLIES. They will continue to attempt to infiltrate and classified information steal both business and National secrets.
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    Every advanced country spies. Learn to live with that fact and work on security measures.