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China Stocks-Factors to watch on Friday


* SSEC +1.8 pct, CSI300 +2.5 pct, HSI +0.9 pct

* HK->Shanghai Connect daily quota used 6.7 pct, Shanghai->HK daily quota used 3.0 pct

* HK->Shenzhen Connect daily quota used 3.8 pct, Shenzhen->HK daily quota used 1.8 pct

* CNY official close 6.818 per dollar

* FTSE China A50 +2.6 pct, BNY Mellon ADR China Select Index +0.1 pct

SHANGHAI, Aug 10 (Reuters) - Following is a list of recent corporate and policy announcements, as well as other news that might affect Chinese financial markets. Policy, government, sector news:

* ANALYSIS-Handling of U.S. trade dispute causes rift in Chinese leadership - sources

* Global trade losing momentum in Q3, WTO indicator shows

* POLL-Chinese yuan to regain some ground if trade tensions ease

* China revamps national technology leadership group, tech shares rise

Company moves:

In focus

* China Mobile expects continued slide in revenue-per-user due to fee cuts

* China Evergrande seen to declare over $2.16 bln dividend payment for H1 - official


* Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine's H1 net profit up 21.4 percent

* Bank Of Nanjing's H1 net profit up 17.1 pct y/y

* Shaanxi Coal's H1 net profit up 8.6 percent y/y

* Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Chemical's H1 net profit up 208.0 percent y/y

* Tangshan Jidong Cement returns to black in H1

* Sichuan Shuangma Cement's H1 net profit up 486.1 percent y/y at 293.2 million yuan

* Shenzhen Airport's H1 net profit up 16.4 percent y/y

* Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture's H1 net profit down 76.8 percent y/y

* Poly Real Estate's July contract sales up 44.2 pct y/y

Equity changes/IPOs

* Sinopec's Controlling Shareholder to reduce holdings after share transfer deal

* Jiangsu Hongdou buys back 51.9 mln shares for 217.38 mln yuan

* Zhejiang Huahai Pharma's controlling shareholder to increase holdings

* CCOOP's 17 mln shares pledged by shareholder have been sold by zhongtian securities

* Pangda Automobile's shareholders to sell company shares to Tianjin firm

* Nanjing Xinjiekou Department Store's controlling shareholder's entire stake frozen by court Trading halt/resumption

* Wanhua Chemical's share trade to halt from aug 10 Other moves (spin-offs, divestitures, deals)

* Byd Co says will distribute final dividend of 0.141 yuan per share

* Zhonghong Holding and units have overdue debts of 5.03 bln yuan to date (Compiled by Luoyan Liu)