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Chinese Entrepreneurs Visited Germany for Deeper Industrial Digitalization Cooperation

BEIJING, Nov. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- A group of Chinese entrepreneurs, comprised of over 20 delegates, participated in a weeklong tour of Germany from November 4 to November 10th, 2018. The visit was organized by the China Green Company Alliance, under China Entrepreneurs Club (CEC), in order to deepen Sino-German cooperation in industrial digitalization and innovation, as well as to seek out business, and investment opportunities.

Delegation from China Entrepreneurs Club - China Green Company Alliance with senior executives from Factory Berlin

Germany is currently China's biggest partner in technology exporting, with China as Germany's largest trading partner. The 2 countries have strong business connections over motors, automobiles, new energy, information networks, energy conservation and environmental protection, electric vehicles, etc. The Chinese and German governments have reached a strategic cooperation agreement between the German Industry 4.0 and China Manufacturing 2025.

The delegation is interested in companies working in manufacturing innovation, industrial digitalization and hidden champions. Their intention is to further business opportunities with German companies in the aforementioned areas. Most of the entrepreneur delegates are leading business people working in manufacturing, finance and environmental service.

The weeklong tour consisted of 9 business visits, starting with KUKA Robotics Corp on its innovative technologies and production systems, and followed by visits to observe FC Bayern Munich in its business operations, BYTON in its entrepreneurial innovation; the excellence of craftsmanship in Daimler AG and its digital, green and sustainable manufacturing, and startup cultivation in Factory Berlin; SAP's smart enterprise strategy; in-depth interpretation of hidden champions by Simon-Kucher & Partners, and the promotion of Sino-German business cooperation by Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI).

The delegation visited the Chinese Embassy in Germany, where participants heard a speech from Ambassador Shi Mingde on Sino-German economic and trade cooperation, German industry 4.0, and German manufacturing.  The Ambassador explained that, in 2017, China became Germany's largest trading partner, with a trade volume of more than 180 billion Euros, which is more than the sum of Britain, France and Italy. With regards to investments in mergers and acquisitions, Germany accounts for more than half of the total in Europe. Germany's advanced enterprise management experience and keen pursuit of quality are worth understanding for Chinese companies, but after learning these lessons, Chinese companies must develop their innovation independently. Entrepreneurs are representatives for most developed business models and contribute greatly to economic development. The Chinese Embassy has promoted the cooperation between many Chinese projects in Germany, and will continue to do so. Some delegation members consulted Ambassador Shi Mingde and the Minister Counselor Wang Weidong with regards to the German M&A policy, China's investment trends in Germany, and strategies for medium-sized enterprises going abroad.

Delegation from China Entrepreneurs Club - China Green Company Alliance with Chinese Ambassador to Germany Mr. Shi Mingde

During the weeklong visit, members of the China Green Company Alliance delegation had several in-depth discussions with visiting companies. As the representatives of China's high-speed growth enterprises, the delegates analyzed the difficulties of their own industries in the global digital age. Additionally, it served as a practical method of observing the spirit of Chinese and German entrepreneurship, and has paved the way for closer cooperation with German companies in the future.

About China Green Company Alliance

The China Green Company Alliance is a value-sharing platform organized by the China Entrepreneurs Club (CEC) to promote alliances and establish sustainable business competitiveness. With the mission of "building a long-term foundation and promoting innovation and growth", it builds an enterprise-level interactive learning platform through annual forums, corporate interactive learning and overseas study, focusing on the innovation and growth of Chinese business, and promoting the deep interaction between business elites, helping the healthy development and the long-term success of the company. The China Green Company Alliance was founded in 2013 and currently has more than 150 member companies. The China Green Company Alliance overseas study has visited Israel, Sweden, Japan and Germany.

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