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Chinese eSports Tournament Group Seeks to Add Cryptocurrency to Their Prize Pools

FUJIAN, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / June 14, 2018 / China-based Fujian eGaming Tournament Group seeks to take advantage of the massively played mobile game: King of Glory (王者荣耀), by allowing amateur teams to take center-stage at provincial and city tournaments. King of Glory is currently the most played game in the world, with over 50 million active daily players and over 200 million active monthly players. King of Glory has an unprecedented lead overall eSporting games globally.

(King of Glory)

Fujian eGaming will be opening 5 additional eSports arenas across China to accommodate the exponential growth of China's eSport market. Alongside these new arenas, Fujian eGaming will also incorporate China's first reward system combining both RMB (China's currency) and Cryptocurrency.

(Left) Fujian eGaming Tournament Group's Fuzhou Arena - (Right) Amateur teams go head to head against each other in King of Glory at Fujian eGaming's Jiangsu Arena.

Fujian eGaming spokeswoman Cheng said:

"The majority of our players and audiences are under the age of 30, they are both very interested in gaming and Cryptocurrency, with many preferring to have Cryptocurrency instead of RMB. So it was only natural for us to add Cryptocurrency as a reward for tournament winners, we think this will help us establish ourselves uniquely in the Chinese market."


The partnership between Fujian eGaming Tournament Group and Asura World LLC will include an investment valued at 5 million RMB. Asura World will hold ASA Tokens that will directly fund the Prize Pools of tournaments organized by Fujian eGaming, outside of the investment, Fujian eGaming will also receive 3 years of exclusive hosting and branding rights for the Tournament platform within Asura World as well as a spotlight on all their Tournament news.

"Partnering with Fujian eGaming Tournament Group will allow Asura an unprecedented exposure to the mass population of Chinese mobile gamers. We are proud to have Fujian eGaming on board with us, and are excited for the future of eSports in China!" Peter Shen, CEO of Asura World LLC.

(Above) Concepts for a further 5 arena developments.

CEO's footnotes:

What does this partnership mean for Asura World/Coin?

  1. Exploration, this will allow other eSport markets in China to see an example of Asura Coins being used in a physical environment.
  2. Adoption, players and the audiences of Fujian eGaming's Tournaments will be exposed to Asura World/Coin and its utilities for Tournaments.
  3. Brand Value, by being tied to Tournaments, this will directly drive the value of the Asura Brand up as a recognized brand associated with known games.

All in all, I can only foresee benefits from partnering with Fujian eGaming, and may this be the first step towards a more adopting future of eSports + Cryptocurrency.

Lower deck seating for Tournament Audience. (Fuzhou Arena)

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SOURCE: Fujian eGaming Tournament Group