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Chinese Government Website Publishes Another Inexplicably Photoshopped Image

Adam Taylor

Chinese government websites have something of a history with terrible, nonsensical Photoshopped images.

The latest comes from the Zhaotong Politics and Law Commission in Yunnan province. Beijing Cream explains:

The good people at the Zhaotong Politics and Law Commission in Yunnan province wanted to drum up some positive publicity for an officer helping someone recover his lost motorcycle, so they came up with the above picture and published it online. The only problem? Aside from the terrible photoshopping — surely the result of a who-gives-a-fuck, we’re-living-in-Zhaotong-Yunnan mentality — the picture itself is two months old, and the 4,000-yuan motorcycle was reported missing on October 25, 2011. Right, nearly a year ago. Is it any wonder that the bike owners look less than pleased?

Here's the original image (below) and the new image (top):

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