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Late to Chinese market, Ford aims to catch up

The Associated Press

Ford Motor Co. is making a big push into China with the introduction of six new vehicles there this year. Here's how the Ford brand stacked up against others in China in the first five months of this year, the latest period for which data was available.

Brand Sales through May 2013 Percent up or down from May 2012
Volkswagen 1,036,034 25 percent
Hyundai 433,934 32 percent
Buick 338,826 18 percent
Toyota 335,355 -8 percent
Chevrolet 299,768 7 percent
Nissan 294,159 -21 percent
Honda 249,650 -2 percent
Kia 242,556 22 percent
Ford 240,837 75 percent
BYD 220,783 25 percent

Source: LMC Automotive