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The Chinese Music Industry to welcome Killer App - Zing

Zing, a music application set to launch in August 2018 is said to be the next big app after Tik Tok, aiming to capture the creativity of the vast Chinese music community. Through integrating the three key elements - easy music composing, collaborative music production and music IP protection via blockchain technology, the app looks set to take the Chinese Music Industry by storm.

HONG KONG, June 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Zing Music App project (www.zingasong.com) is jointly created by Hong Kong Zing Music Technologies Ltd, Beijing Augmented Fantasy Technologies Ltd, Beijing HXSY Media Group Ltd and Stars Galore (Beijing) International Culture Media Ltd, and is set to release its beta version in August 2018 on both iOS and Android platforms.

A preview to the music composition interface of Zing

In a recent interview, Product Director Mr. Rain Wang revealed the ideas behind the creation of Zing, "In the past five years, many TV programs promoting music have risen in the Chinese music scene. Such programs have driven massive public interest for the music industry, and many new stars have been born from the grassroots. Zing comes in at a time where everyone in the Chinese markets have the desire to take part in some form of music production and publicity, thus we are absolutely confident this project will make waves in its target markets."

The killer function of Zing is the "music composition function", which recognizes the pitch and tempo of the individual's vocal humming via the mobile phone through a precise algorithm to generate the main melody. The user can then adjust the pitch and tempo, and the application will intuitively recommend matching chords and music accompaniments.

The user can then post the tune for another user to partake in lyric writing, and yet another user to engage in the singing and release of the completed song. The decentralized yet collaborative model of music production will allow each individual user to focus on their strengths while working with complete strangers to produce a complete music piece.

The creators of these music pieces can then choose to upload the unique fingerprints of the tune or lyrics to the Zing IP Blockchain, preventing other users from economically benefitting from plagiarized work.

To merely say I am intrigued by this application would be an understatement. Music I probably the most universally accepted language of the world, yet its creation is limited to the select few with professional literacy.

The launch of Zing would eradicate such barriers, opening up the possibility of music production to anyone and everyone. Should this application successfully make its debut, it would undoubtedly shake the very foundations of the music industry, as it moves to shatter the centralized music production model adopted by record companies today.


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