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Chinese shoppers just spent a record $30.8 billion on Alibaba’s Singles Day

Krystal Hu
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    I am not sure how many people posting comments have been to China recently. Alibaba and Alipay is used by it seems everyone. The amzn prime member i think i read makes about 9 purchases a year... the average Alibaba member makes that in a month. i was in singapore for the f-1 race recently,,, paid taxis with alipay.
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    I have 300 shares of BABA stock. I am in a loss about 17% so far. With Single's Day and shopping seasons coming from now till Chinese New Years's Day, I think I can recover the current loss and more.
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    It is also 3/5ths of what WALMART sells in A YEAR
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    1 1/3 times what Amazon sells in YEAR

    This must be some stock manipulation
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    I m not if a sour grape is becoming a common place in the Western media. You need stop this slowing China economy narrative all over the places. Any American company let alone the size of Alibaba even dreams of this number. China is simply fine. And Chinese consumer market will doubt the size of US in 10 years. 6.5% economy is slowing, Ali's 54% growth is slow, 31 plus billion is not enough. So sour the grape is.
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    i live in miami some people here still asking me do china have TV yet....i gotta remind them the TV in your house is made in china....if they see this kind of news those people may think is fake lol.
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    ....China is well on it's way to becoming the largest economy in the world....1.4 Billion people and growth over 6%......it is just a matter of time
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    China is the biggest growing market in the world, and may remain that status for a couple decades. Should we snub them and get locked out or compromise for the good of both?
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    Waiting with bated breath to see what happens to my BABA stock. Analysts will think of several reasons why $30,400,000,000 was not enough for one freakin' day.
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    I really doubt number like this....

    with 7.7 billion people in the WORLD...cant imagine taking that many orders and equates to about $5.00 for EVERY MAN WOMAN AND CHILD IN THE WORLD