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Chipotle upgraded, Verizon’s 5G move, Twitter hands down punishment

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team will be watching for you today.

Chipotle is moving higher after Morgan Stanley upgraded its guidance. They say the company’s turnaround is working, despite hundreds recently falling ill at a Chipotle in Ohio. Morgan Stanley cites the work of new CEO Brian Niccol, plus new initiatives driving sales growth.

Our parent company Verizon is out with more of its 5G plans. And that includes a free YouTube subscription or Apple TV device. Verizon says when 5G launches later this year customers will also be able to get access to NFL and NBA content along with news from us here at Yahoo. 5G will initially launch in Los Angeles, Houston, Sacramento and Indianapolis.

Days after its CEO said otherwise, Twitter is becoming the latest site to suspend the account of far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. His account will be shut down for a week – for reportedly tweeting out a link to a video calling on supporters to get rifles to use against the media and others. Jones is under similar bans from Facebook, Apple and YouTube.

And the CEO at Sears is putting a price tag on its famous Kenmore brand. Eddie Lampert told the board he’s willing to pay $400M to buy Kenmore through his hedge fund. Lampert is Sears’s controlling shareholder, and a special board committee is evaluating the proposal.