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How to Choose the Right Event Designer for Your Wedding

SMP Contributor

You're engaged! Now it is time to start planning all of the fun things. While deciding on a specific venue, dress, or detailed style right away can be overwhelming, it is good to have a general idea of the style that represents you and your partner. Not only will this guide your direction in selecting an event designer, but it will also help mold your overall wedding design.

Stuck on the design element? Here's how to pick the right event designer for you.


If you are having your wedding in your hometown, or even if you are hosting a destination wedding, you have an advantage with social media that brides-to-be didn't have even a few years ago. With event design being such a visual profession, social media platforms, especially Instagram, are a great way to showcase their talents. Using location tags and location-specific hashtags (i.e. #DenverWeddingDesigner) for your search is a great way to start your journey in selecting the perfect designer for you. In fielding though people using this tag, your style of design will definitely stand out among all the other images. Now that Instagram has a "save" feature, you can collect all of your favorite images from event designers' accounts and go back to them later to narrow them down.

Consistency with Style

With Instagram being a huge platform for wedding professionals in general, especially photographers and event designers, it is the perfect tool to determine the consistency of your event designer's styling. Creating a cohesive and visually appealing grid on Instagram is an art in itself and shows your designer has an eye for detail - a skill that will definitely be important to you when planning your wedding.


It is perfectly okay to ask potential designers their experience with planning and executing weddings and events. Weddings are a huge project to take on and require numerous hours of prepping, styling, and arranging. For newer designers who haven't yet executed more than a handful of weddings, it may be worth being upfront about your concerns with your potential designer upon your preliminary meeting.

Once you decide on style and meet with potential designers, follow your intuition and don't be afraid to ask questions. There is a connection between the couple and designer that is essential for them to be able to capture your true sense of style as a couple and execute that in florals, linens, music, etc. If you aren't feeling that connection, it's okay! There are many designers who you will click with to ensure your event goes seamlessly and represents your sense of style.

Note: If your venue of choice has an exclusive vendor list, meaning you can only work with the vendors they approve on that list, it is perfectly okay to meet with them all. First, do your research and determine which ones (maybe all of them) match your style and start booking your meetings. In the end, it is about their specific skill set and the connection that makes you feel like they have a firm grasp on your wedding day vision.

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