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Choosing From The Best Secure Cloud Storage Providers Just Got Easier Thanks To A New Website

New website offers how to guides and comparisons of the best cloud storage services

SARASOTA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / September 24, 2015 / A new website: http://CloudStorageGuides.com offers "how-to" guides and comparisons of the best cloud storage services for home and business users.

Cloud Storage is a buzzword that has been thrown around in tech circles for a while. But more recently it has made it's way out into the real world. Everyday people and all kinds of businesses ranging from multi-million dollar corporations to the local fruit market all have reason to use cloud storage solutions in their day to day routine. Whether it be it to store and share family photos or secure business data, more and more people are using cloud storage services every day.

The increase in demand also means an increase in supply, and recently more and more cloud storage companies have been entering the now somewhat crowded marketplace. This is great news for users, as it lowers prices at the same time as it provides more choices. But with these choices also comes some confusion when trying to select the best cloud storage solution for home or business.

http://CloudStorageGuides.com hopes to end this confusion by offering a break down of available services and who they are best suited to. The website has put together a comprehensive list of the top cloud storage companies, what they are offering and the costs involved. As well as recommendations and a series of step by step guides on how to get the most from the more popular services.

"We realized there was a pretty big gap between what these companies were offering and the user's level of understanding" said the website's co-founder. "So we have put together a website that should help people choose a provider and get them started using it," Mr Shaw said.

About CloudStorageGuides.com: The website was launched in September and will be updated and adjusted on a monthly basis or as needed based on changes in the cloud storage market. Visitors to the website will be able to read reviews of the top recommended services as well as view comparison tables and setup guides for the most popular options.

For more information about us, please visit http://CloudStorageGuides.com

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Name: John Shaw
Organization: CloudStorageGuides.com
Address: 4283 EXPRESS LN STE 057-793 SARASOTA, FL 34238

SOURCE: CloudStorageGuides.com